Volunteers cleaning up Beacon Park

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Volunteers have launched an early morning mission to clean up a Lichfield park after it was left covered in litter.

The warm weather saw large groups enjoying the sunshine in Beacon Park yesterday (24th June).

Rubbish left behind in Beacon Park

But piles of rubbish were left behind by some park-goers.

A team of volunteers joined staff from Lichfield District Council to bag up the litter and clean up the park.

One local resident said:

“To the people who forgot to take their rubbish home – stop being selfish and think of the impact you’re having on our environment.”


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  1. Are the police moving these large groups of people on – they should not be allowed to congregate in large groups

  2. We should point out that this is an “unofficial” volunteering effort. The council (quite rightly) has suspended volunteer operations during this period of lockdown.

  3. The tone of the report was somewhat conciliatory compared to that of the youths meeting earlier this month.
    Perhaps it was a better class of rubbish !

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