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Police are urging people in Burntwood to be on their guard after reports of issues with cold callers in Burntwood.

A resident in Boulton Close contacted officers after two men visited yesterday (30th June).

PCSO Leon Worden said the duo were defensive when questioned by the householder.

“They said they were asking if people wanted to change broadband provider.

“They had their ID cards facing the wrong way and were both wearing clear face visors. 

“The callers may well be genuine representatives from a business, but if you are unsure, always ask for ID and that you are not obliged to answer your door to people if you do not want to.

“If you are concerned that bogus callers are in your area please call Staffordshire Police on 101.” 

PCSO Leon Worden


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. Yeah they came round yesterday. Just tell them that you work from home and your employer pays for the broadband (regardless of whether it’s true) – they quickly disappear.

  2. A lone Asian female called on me, wearing ID tag and a clear face shield, told me 80% of my neighbours are paying too much for broadband and tv, I said that’s their problem not mine, goodbye. and off she went

  3. Yes a guy knocked our door we told them we where stuck In a 24month contract they left immediately.

  4. She knocked on doors in the ridgeway .tuesday we dont like cold callers round here as most are elderly residents and sign in the road says no cold callers.

  5. A polite man came to do the door, said the same, when I said I was happy he left. Holly Grove etate.

  6. A very polite black guy came into Canterbury Drive, firstly during the afternoon and then came back in the evening. I was gardening the first time he came and he didn’t bother me, just said hello and that the garden looked nice. He came back early evening, I did notice his ID wasn’t on view. He asked about broadband speed and was I happy with it, I said I was (even though I’m not half the time), he asked me who I was with and I told him. He then agreed I was with the best supplier, didn’t try to get any details or sell me anything, just smiled and wished me a good evening.

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