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People in Lichfield need to act responsibly when pubs and restaurants in Lichfield reopen this weekend, a councillor has said.

A number of businesses are expected to welcome customers again from 4th July.

Cllr David Robertson said it was welcome news for the hospitality industry – but said people needed to continue to take precautions.

Cllr Dave Robertson

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“The reopening of pubs and restaurants will be a welcome sight for large numbers of people in Lichfield and across the district.

“While we will be happy to see businesses reopen and the return of our night time economy, we all still have a role to play to protect ourselves, families and neighbours.

“Coronavirus is still in circulation and I am sure that no one will want to see Lichfield put under a local lockdown as has happened in Leicester this week. 

“Businesses across the district are pulling out all the stops to help us manage the risks, but they will need our help to do so.

“We should all make sure that we are following the one metre plus social distancing requirement, which means we should still be sticking to two metres wherever possible.

“We should also be wearing a face covering or mask if we are somewhere where it will be difficult to maintain social distancing.”

Cllr Dave Robertson

Cllr Robertson has also called on people to think about the impact of their actions on others.

It comes after volunteers have been regularly forced to clean up Beacon Park in recent weeks after people left piles of rubbish behind.

“As well as the important message of social distancing, we all have a responsibility to the area and to each other too.

“As more venues will be offering outdoor seating there is a risk of seeing increased littering in busy parts of the district like Lichfield city centre. 

“Anyone who has seen the pictures of litter in Beacon Park over the last week or so will be upset at the mess being left there.

“The volunteers, notably Lichfield Litter Legends, and staff from Lichfield District Council who have given up their time to help clear up the park should be thanked for all they have done.

“But we shouldn’t need to rely on others to clean up after us.

“I am sure that no one will want to see the city centre in a similar state after pubs and restaurants reopen starting from this weekend. Use a bin at the venue or a public one. If you can’t find a bin, take your litter home.”

Cllr Dave Robertson


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. Yeah, righto. I’ve come to the sad realisation that a large portion of the British public are selfish and utterly bonkers. Bournemouth beach, the recent Lichfield “rave” and so on.

    I won’t be back at a pub for quite some time. Definitely not July 4th as it’s going to be insane.

  2. Well done to the Cllr for raising this issue, but I think its probably going to fall on “deaf” ears.
    The omens are not looking good. It might only be a small section of society that are straining at the lead to get back into a pub, but even that small number can do a lot more harm than good. We’ve seen enough evidence already of the uncaring and selfish attitude of some to the easing of restrictions – from littering parks to fighting on beaches – to suggest Saturday will be a day for morons to do their worst.
    The fact some are calling it “Super Saturday” or “Our Independence Day” says it all.
    Before the usual suspects start calling me a killjoy or someone who does not like fun, I should point that I am a very regular pub-goer and enjoy the social aspect of visiting one or two local establishments several times a week.
    However, I will not be stepping into a public house or restaurant for quite some time and I think these first few days of re-opening will be disastrous as the minority will once again do their worst to spoil it for the majority.

  3. I’m not so sure. The weather forecast is not for heat and sun, there will be no admission to premises without considerable personal information being handed over, there’ll be no music or sport broadcast and social distancing has to be adhered to. Not exactly many people’s cup of tea for a night out.

  4. Cllr Robertson is right to be cautious and to urge for consideration. I hope the general public listen and avoid a Leicester style shutdown which must be utterly demoralising and damaging to the people of that city.

    I won’t be going out Saturday as I can only imagine how packed it will be. We are still far from out of the effects of Covid-19.

  5. You have the government tweeting that people should get to the pub on Saturday yet anyone who does so is a moron? Johnson said he wanted to see activity, he wanted to see people coming out of hibernation and then when people did that they got slammed. There has, and continues to be, a complete lack of leadership in this country, and as normal the people direct their anger downwards whipped up by a tabloid campaign of shame.

  6. Police called to The George Lichfield. Awful.. fights and no distancing. What happened to the waitress service, name taking etc, totally agree with comment above Barry Scott. It was not super Saturday or independence day. Far from it may well be the day we lose independence if we have a further spike. Harsher penalties please for individuals that flaunt rules something meaningful and tougher on pubs if they cannot abide by the clear rules for re opening. If you cannot manage the re opening rules then you have to close till your confident you can

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