Police at Netherstowe where travellers have been camped. Picture: Doug Pullen

Residents have been told a group of travellers in Lichfield will be moving on tonight (5th July).

They have been camped on fields at Netherstowe over the weekend.

But Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, said police were now working to remove the travellers.

“Progress is being made at Netherstowe – Staffordshire Police are doing sterling work managing a difficult situation.

“The travellers will hopefully be leaving tonight.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council


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11 replies on “Council leader says order has been issued to travellers who set up camp on land in Lichfield”

  1. Why are travellers not arrested for setting up camps on private and council property. They cost so much money to remove them. Why is there not a law they can’t keep doing this. How much did it cost with the removal order,police and the clearing of rubbish going to cost the tax payer!!!

  2. They got what they deserved tonight police should of acted sooner and there wouldn’t of been what they want to call it a mob they it shouldn’t come to this for them to act change up waste of tax payers money

  3. For some reason the police appear to have an aversion to withholding these people to account of the law. First thing they should be doing is checking if they have driving licences, road tax and insurance. Doing nothing will eventually lead to serious conflict with fed up residents affected by their intrusions on private land.
    Perhaps someone within the police force would like to comment as this as been a problem for years.

  4. The Police can only act when the appropriate authority to do so is in place. The rules need changing. So for once let’s not blame the Police. It’s too easy and in this case wrong.

  5. For those who know the area, you’ll know that preventing incursions is difficult as it would require bollards and barriers being put in place.

    While I welcome the travellers’ departure, there’s a little irony in the locals assembling to defend what they see as their area and environment. I’m sad to say that littering by locals is a constant problem in this area. I know this because I do regular litter-picks!

  6. Simon that’s not a solution.
    That just makes it someone else’s problem.

    This happens far too often and it won’t be long before people take matters into their own hands.

    Imagine if the locals treated the law the same way as these…..

  7. The Police dont have an aversion to upholding the law, but they do need witnesses and actual evidence of crime and people willing to step up and help them uphold the law, go to court and see that justice is done, but alot of the angry mob disappears and dont want to get “involved” when some personal responsibility is required.
    So it takes time and due process to move them on.

  8. Richard: The police already have the authority to check licenses, tax and insurance for all road users and confiscate vehicles where necessary. Also any outstanding fines Or other offences can be checked against registration numbers.

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