Travellers have left a site in Lichfield after rising tensions with local residents.

The group had set up camps on land at Netherstowe over the weekend.

But a heavy police presence was brought in this evening (5th July) as the travellers left the site.

One eyewitness told Lichfield Live:

“It was pretty tense as they were leaving with a lot of local people turning out to make sure they were going.”


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24 replies on “Heavy police presence as travellers move on from fields in Lichfield”

  1. Hopefully the council will pop a few bollards or a landscape mound in now to avoid this happening again.

  2. Something must have happened with them if the police have had to be involved, prob was treating the area like a s**t hole, they are renowned for it, they do themselves no favours at all

  3. A local farmer with a muck spreader would soon make them move ? Oh sorry I forgot it’s against their human rights isn’t it but not ours to have to pay to clear up their mess including human waste ? Confiscate their vehicles thatl stop them finally ?

  4. we all have to stick to rules & restrictions here, to try and stop this virus from spreading any more – and then these selfish idiots just come here and think they can do whatever they like ; and leave a trail of filth & destruction behind wherever they go! why can’t they be made to clean up their own mess? Why should others have to do it??

  5. Disgusting comments… The council have a duty to supply stopping places.. Failing that. the least they can do is make sure there is sanitation for them..welfare services..etc….they are not breaking the law…can you imagine as a child you are witness to such heavy handed over the top police precence.. Baying locals.. And hostility…so damaging….so in human… Sickening and shameful.

  6. Jim…
    Were they parked at the back of your house? Were they stealing from your local shop so that it had to be closed? Were they trying your car door handles? Were they peering over your garden fence (which is 6ft high so it took some doing)? Did they run over your neighbours car from bonnet to boot and then run away swearing at you for daring to see them off?
    I agree that stopping placed should be provided but when they are they are ignored… There is one on Brookhay Lane which is never used…
    You say that they are not breaking the law… I’m afraid they are in so many ways. You say the police were heavy handed… The police gave them every chance to move on as required by the council but they chose to ignore the request and had to be moved on…
    I expect to see you at the site later helping to clear up the mess… Put your money where your mouth is…

  7. Jim….

    You’ve clearly never been on the receiving end of their “culture”.

    Yes there’s is a legal duty to provide those things. But they do not respect that fact. They litter the places they stay, ruin the land they pitch up on intimidate the locals, brazenly shoplift…. I could go on but you get the picture.

    They aren’t shy about assaulting people either.

    Don’t make excuses for them.

    These aren’t Romany gypsies.

  8. Did the police check for tax n insurance on those pricy looking cars n vans? Or for stolen caravans?

  9. As other comments have stated they do themselves no favours. People have had there cars and houses broken into. They have been a nightmare for the local shop to deal with to the point they had to close. The police dealt with the situation well as it could have easily escalated. There was no violence just frustrated locals rightly showing them the exit.

  10. Jim have em on your garden let em use your facilities dump rubbish on your property… Tree huggers..

  11. Jim. What a very grown up comment. I think you’re completely right. I understand people not wanting to have to clean up mess if that is what they have to do but some of the language in these comments is vicious. Travellers are vilified no matter what they do. Many travellers get left behind when it comes to public services.

  12. Where does this person live they have obviously never had there property turnrd upside down by these morons they are a disgusting job lot leaving all there mess and stealing all they can get there hands on, no one would mind these people if they cleaned up after they left the sites or took there dogs etc away with them and not leave it for some one else to clean up,

  13. Jim, people like you, very much in the minority with your sympathies, encourage the scurge of these people getting on to land to which they have no legal right to access and subsequently leaving all their filth including human excrement in some cases for others to clean up at their own expense. It’s the traveller’s own fault that the children have to witness what they do. There are traveller camps around the country with vacancies that could be used by them. At the end of the day they are “travellers ” so as the name suggest they should travel. Hence why should the authorities have to provide facilities for them at public expense. If I want to live in a caravan I go to a proper site and, importantly, I have to pay for the privilege. These people pay nothing and leave a mess and damage behind them. Get real Jim.

  14. Jim. I take it you don’t have a plot in the neighbouring allotments…..

    You might find yourself needing to re-word some of your own comment if you had.

  15. Nice comments as I’d expect, no holds barred when it comes to Travellers. The whole country right now is in a grip of lawlessness right now, with police unable to cope in some areas. None of that gets the headlines or the snide comments as seen here. No police were hurt here, the reason they were here is because to keep the peace with locals, not because the Travellers did any major crimes. But that doesn’t matter, because camping on a field has become 2020s biggest crime.

  16. Annie, Really? “Villified whatever they do”? Do you have any idea how staggeringly naive that sounds? Maybe next time you see some of them, go and introduce yourself. Offer them your driveway or neighbourhood as a place to stay. See how they behave, then come back and comment.

  17. Must agree with most comments nick anything not nailed down s***e all over make a mess everywhere do they pay council tax do they tax vehicles do they have Insurance for cars do they B******s confiscate the motors like they would with normal folk then they can get back to Horse and carts

  18. Not read all the comments but I will just say that my brother in law came back from the regular trip to Netherstowe chippy and was a bit shocked. Tesco’s had shut because the travelling community were helping themselves to anything they fancied and the chip shop was trying its best to deal with what was a scary situation.

  19. After they smashed someone’s car up with an axe, after demanding the keys and being told no…

    This article is nowhere near the truth of what went on! The police did nothing until the travelers started throwing fireworks at them and the mob of locals..

  20. Why haven’t these assaults, thefts and fireworks incidents appeared in any local news that I have seen? I know a lot of exciting things happen in this crazy city, but really?

  21. I’m not from the affected area ,but I really hope all the locals are ok ,the travellers really have no respect wherever they go ,if I let my children witness this behaviour I’m sure I’d have social services on my back . Why can they get away with all there illegal activity .

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