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The principal of a Burntwood school says plans are being worked on to deliver a “broad and ambitious” educational programme for students when they finally return.

The Government has said it hopes to see all students back in the classroom from September.

Mark Maydew, principal of Erasmus Darwin Academy, said previously told parents that the prospect of all pupils in five days a week at the start of the new school year was “the least likely” scenario.

In an update to parents, he said the latest update from the Government had allowed planning to start on a whole-school return in a safe environment.

“We will seek to be as vigilant as possible to ensure that our students and staff are as safe as possible as we seek to deliver an educational experience that is as broad and ambitious as possible.

“It would have been nice to have had more than two weeks to plan effectively, but now is not a time for blame or ‘what if’ – it is a time for calm heads, proper teamwork and practical, common-sense planning.”

Mark Maydew, Erasmus Darwin Academy

The principal added that parents would still be likely to see some differences in how different schools tackle the task of reopening.

“Our focus might be different than other secondary schools because we have to work with the size, shape and layout of our school site, our curriculum model and our pastoral structure in our context.

“We will not rush our planning because it is too important to do that.”

Mark Maydew, Erasmus Darwin Academy


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