The clean-up is beginning after travellers left a site in Lichfield.

A heavy police presence was in the area last night (5th July) after the group left fields at Netherstowe following a weekend of tension with local residents.

Bags of waste have been left behind with hedgerows also strewn with litter, while trees also had their bark completely stripped from them.


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  1. It’s a little depressing that the police standpoint is not to approach or be aggressive towards people who destroy local beauty spots, leaving rubbish everywhere before being moved on in vehicles with no MOT’s, no insurance, no road tax and no seatbelts. Meanwhile the rest of us shell out £200+ council tax to LDC monthly, ensure our cars are legal and safe and abide by the law.

  2. How many arrests were made for criminal damage
    We pay again and this group of parasites laugh at the police it’s not there fault it’s the Liberal order they get

  3. And this is why people live in fear of travellers arriving in their area. They are given too much leyway. Any rubbish should be picked up by them and areas left spotless before leaving. Their vehicles need to be all checked for tax, insurance and Mots. Any fines need to be collected on the spot as these people always appear to be cash rich.

  4. Hey Jim…. This is what I was talking about in my post that didn’t get accepted by the moderator… But other people made the same statements and made my point for me….

    This rubbish and destruction is why they deserve the treatment they receive.

  5. There is an irony that a group that chooses to live outside the normal boundaries of our static society expects to receive all the benefits of said society whilst not reciprocating. I understand the sympathetic comments made on here, and to some degree applaud their humanistic call. However no sanction is given by travellers. Their trail of detritus, utter indifference to the rule of law and base social standards makes them a pariah. Well done local residents, your stand has achieved the desired result.

  6. E Brady – Girdling or stripping a complete circle of bark from the circumference of a tree will kill it.

    The phloem tissue below the bark carries the food produced by the leaves to the roots.

    RIP tree and thanks for that chaps, hope you enjoyed Lichfield.

    PS. I understand, anecdotally of course, that some of your finest were heavily involved in the trouble at the George IV at the weekend. Surely that can’t be right?

  7. I rid past the one afternoon and had some of the kids swear at me and run after me asking for my bike they must of been 6-7 and this was infront of the adult group of travellers i mean if the kids were acting that way they must have picked it up from somewhere

  8. Dave P,
    Travellers can be allocated land by the local authority, and pay for it, and develop it.
    If it is council funded, what difference is it to social housing which many non travellers inhabit, which is paid for by the tax payer?

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