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Michael Fabricant

The Prime Minister has reassured Lichfield’s MP that arts organisations across the country will be supported through the COVID-19 crisis.

A package to support theatres, galleries and museums during the coronavirus has been unveiled by the Government.

But during Prime Minister’s Questions today (8th July), Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said it was crucial funding was spread throughout the country.

Boris Johnson replied:

“Lichfield has been at the centre of our cultural life since Dr Johnson and David Garrick made their famous walk and ride from Lichfield to London in the 18th Century, and will continue to be so.

“We are working closely with Arts Council England to support and develop the projects which I know are so dear to his heart.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Mr Fabricant said he was pleased to receive reassurances from the Prime Minister.

“While I am delighted with the £1.7billion of support the Government is giving theatres and performing artists during the coronavirus pandemic which has closed so many of our venues, I wanted assurance that the substantial funding would be available outside of the West End of London.

“The highly successful Hippodrome in Birmingham have been forced to lay off staff and I am particularly concerned for the many arts venues and performing artists in Lichfield district including the Lichfield Garrick and The Hub at St Mary’s. 

“I was pleased that the Prime Minister was able to assure me that the Arts Council will be directing funds to the regions.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. People think pfft what a waste of time, but the Garrick was scheduled for a busy year of live shows, the “Community” show which has been very successful and been a big part of local involvement in the arts for years now, with people moving into other areas, kids going on to join youth theaters and studying production and the performing arts at Lichfield college, I have seen our local youth go from amateur to professional artists.
    The knock on to local trade is significant, a theatre full of clients who walk into the centre after the shows supporting local business it’s real and valuable and I am glad the government eventually saw the sense in helping, even if it was a small help. The arts in this country makes more in GDP than agriculture, an area not to treated lightly.

  2. No argument with that Adam. My main concern is that theatre attendance is becoming more and more elitist. When I was young visiting the Rep or the Alec in Birmingham was very affordable. Now such visits are more of a treat. With a modest meal before or after it could easily cost a family of four the best part of two hundred pounds. This naturally excludes much of the population which makes the performing arts very narrowly biased.

  3. The Garrick since it’s opening has been subsidised by the Lichfield tax payer if it can’t sustain itself then shut it down

  4. There was a time I would have liked to take my Grandchildren to the pantomime at The Garrick
    The price was out of my reach.
    Annoying if it is correct that our council tax is used helping to support the place.

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