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Council bosses are urging people in Lichfield and Burntwood to “answer the call” and help the fight against coronavirus.

The test and trace system is now in operation, meaning people will need to self-isolate for two weeks if they are contacted by NHS staff and told they have been in close contact with someone has tested positive.

Staffordshire County Council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for health and care, Cllr Alan White, said the public needed to follow the advice if they receive a call.

Cllr Alan White

“We’re relying on everyone to play their part, particularly now lockdown is lifting and more businesses in Staffordshire are opening their doors to the public again.

“If you are contacted by the NHS on 0300 013 5000, please do not ignore the call or block the number – it is extremely important that you answer and follow the advice given to you by the contact tracers.”

Cllr Alan White, Staffordshire County Council

Cllr White also called on people to continue to follow the basic measures to help prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

“When you’re out visiting shops and businesses, meeting friends in the pub or using public transport, it is vital that you continue to keep your distance – that’s two metres where possible and one metre plus where extra safety measures are in place.

“You also need to make sure you wash your hands regularly while out and when you get home.”

Cllr Alan White, Staffordshire County Council

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  1. And this superb track and trace system is exactly why I won’t be going to shops, pubs or anywhere there are people. If I come in contact with anyone unknowingly I could be forced to stay home, which means I can’t go to work and run my business (which I’m doing on my own, working 100 hour weeks doing the job of 5 other people currently on furlough).

  2. Fair point Richard. It sounds like you’re really up against it, and until you are able to have more support from your team, it makes sense for you to keep your distance.

    But, you’re really railing against COVID-19, not the track and trace system.

    COVID-19 is going to be with us for quite a long time yet. Without effective track and trace there is no real way forward in terms of opening up society again. If it works properly, it’s a hugely important tool to be able to prevent bigger, really damaging outbreaks occurring.

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