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A Burntwood house dating back more than 135 years could be demolished if plans are given the green light.

Developers hope to replace 117 Norton Lane with a new four bedroom property.

The current house at 117 Norton Lane

A heritage statement accompanying a planning application reveals the history of the site.

“The building is first denoted on the Ordnance Survey plan published in 1883 and is, presumably the existing house.

“It cannot be identified with confidence in the census returns due to the lack of addresses given. However, during the 19th and early 20th Century, houses along Norton Lane were mostly occupied by agricultural labourers or worked in the coal industry.”

Heritage report on 117 Norton Lane

The statement adds that little change was made to the building until the 1960s when an additional structure appears to have been built between the house and the road, with another section added in 2007.

“Since 2007, the building closest to the road – a garage – and the addition of a lean-to has been demolished.”

Heritage report on 117 Norton Lane

Despite the house having stood on the land for more than a century, the report adds that much of the original building has gone.

“While 117 is likely to be post-1850, it does not retain a significant proportion of its original fabric to be regarded as having special interest.

“It is not a good quality or significant example of house from the 1950 to 1945 period to be desirable or worthy of selection for preservation.

“Internally, the building was originally a single pile house, being only one room deep, with a central stair and room to either side.

“The windows are not original or of traditional historic fabric.

“The extent of the loss of original fabric at number 117 is significantly detrimental to the special interest of the building, ensuring it is not desirable to preserve.”

Heritage report on 117 Norton Lane

“Modern, contemporary design”

An artist’s impression of the new property at 117 Norton Lane in Burntwood

The developer said the planned four-bedroom property would utilise “high quality design and appropriate building finishes”.

“The modern, contemporary design of the proposal, and the new landscaping, with the retention of existing trees and boundary hedgerows, harmonises with surrounding development and helps soften and integrate the proposal into the area.

“It has been carefully designed to protect the amenity of both neighbouring residents and future residents of the development.”

Planning statement for 117 Norton Lane

Full details of the proposal can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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  1. Very sad to lose such a lovely house. Simply needs to be renovated. If they want a modern house why not buy one on a modern housing estate? Why are people allowed to demolish them and to put up modern monstrosities? Very sad and totally unnecessary. Preserve our heritage please.

  2. Terrible if this happens- no sense of heritage.
    Disappointing if the filthy lucre wins out – it’s not always all about money. Except it is…

  3. If this is approved (which it will be). Shortly after, there will be a request to build many more houses in this area. They will all be approved.

  4. I live opposite this. The existing house is ramshackled. We have already successfully turned down an estate being built there. I hope the new build will occupy as much of that land as possible inhibiting other builds. The green belt still remains ours.

  5. Good luck with that. This will be planning for developers 101 if they’ve already tried to put an estate on there. They’ll get permission for this and that will create the precedent for them to be able to then let this permission lapse and then come back with the argument that building on the land had been previously approved and therefore it couldn’t be rejected. It’s a tried and tested trick.

  6. Such a good idea, that old derelict looking property can’t be of any use at all. Come on good Burntwood folk embrace the future and lets improve our area.

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