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Plans to build 14 houses on the site of a Lichfield gym have been approved.

The development will see the Lichfield Health and Fitness Club building on Rotten Row demolished.

Lichfield Health and Fitness Club

It comes after the business said it planned to move to a new location as part of the revamp of the Co-op site at Boley Park.

A planning statement in support of the application said:

“The applicant has demonstrated that the proposed residential development would not have a detrimental impact on the setting of the adjacent Grade II* Church of St Michael.”

Planning statement

Full details can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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  1. That lovely building should at least be flats / apartments . It should not be flattened .
    Equally clearance or hedgerow or trees along the churchyard footpath should NOT be destroyed .
    Could we please have some affordable homes for young professionals dotted into the developments ?

  2. Why do construction companies keep building 4/5 bed homes when there are 1000’s looking for AFFORDABLE 2/3 bed homes. Even 1 bed properties are like hens teeth! There seems to be no such thing as “affordable” these days

  3. Everyone can each have their private opinion and where planning is concerned it comes down to planning law, I think most definatley more affordable housing should be the way forward but unfortunately Lichfield is not far off London prices expensive place to live .

    I’ve so noticed lots of new build development but no new schools to provide space for education assuming alot of the new family’s will be off child bearing age this would be a concern ad alot of schools are at full capacity

    Good luck and always remember try to be fair think of other people’s situations and opinions

  4. @Susan. The developers have a tried and tested plan.

    Initial application – 350 houses. School. Shops. Leisure centre. 30% affordable housing.
    Plan approved.
    Start building
    Return to council. Financial pressures mean that the current climate is not the time to build shops and a leisure centre.
    Shops and leisure centre dropped and more homes approved.
    Return again to council. We cannot make this development work financially with affordable homes.
    Affordable homes dropped to 5%. School dropped
    Build 1000 homes. No infrastructure and make massive profits.

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