Bosses at a Lichfield pub threatened with redevelopment have confirmed they have been told to leave the premises within a month.

The Greyhound Inn has been earmarked for new housing, with part of the site to be demolished.

The Greyhound in Lichfield. Picture: Google Streetview

A campaign to save the pub has been backed by locals, including the Mayor of Lichfield.

A spokesperson for the pub’s licensee declined to comment directly on the situation, but confirmed they had been served with a notice to leave by 15th August.

It comes despite planning chiefs not yet making a final decision on whether or not the new development can be approved.

The notice will also mean the closure of the Two Chefs takeaway business which operates from the site.

Alba Construction – which owns the site – is hoping to build ten new properties on the land, as well as demolishing the single storey section of the existing pub building.

In a planning statement, the developer said the building had been “previously used” as a pub.

But a number of formal objections to the proposal have claimed the statement was taking advantage of the enforced coronavirus closure, with the business since reopening in line with Government guidance.

In a letter to the planning authority while the pub was closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the licensee said:

“We are only currently closed due to Government guidelines and restrictions.

“Our aim is to reopen as soon as possible to continue to provide the much loved and recently missed public house for each and every one of our customers.”

Greyhound Inn licensee’s letter to the planning committee

Others objecting to the site said the loss of the pub would have an impact on the community.

“This is a very popular community pub with a darts teams, a bridge club and golf section – all of these would be lost.

“There is also the fact that several of the visitors have to use mobility scooters and trying to go further afield would cause distress.”

Letter of objection

Full details of the proposals can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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  1. So to try and force the council’s hand the land owners decide to evict the tenant. To say the property has “previously been used as a pub”, is laughable. It HAS been a pub for the last fifty years or more.
    There used to be integrity in the council that stopped exploitation of previously agreed undertakings. Too many high density building plans are being agreed. Show some b…s for once and turn down this application.

  2. The disruption this work will have to the local traffic, will be massive.

    Oh well. Yet again, more housing and fewer facilities in Lichfield.

  3. Town planners/council in Lichfield are terrible. Need a complete overhaul of whoever they are. This once lovely city has become filled with awful architecture. I can guarantee this will be the next development to add to the ugliness.

  4. I’m getting utterly sick of this sort of story appearing on Lichfield Live. Lichfield is turning into a concrete jungle for Christ sake.

  5. “Previously used as a pub” Listed circa 1848. Not very long then, around 172 years ++.Come off it Alba ,pull the other one.
    See John Shaw’s “The Old Pubs of Lichfield”

  6. The previous planning applications were refused by the council so, let’s hope they see sense again.

    Developers develop for profit…..nothing more.

  7. Another failure by the planners. Who allowed property developers to buy the pub in the first place? Sheer greed, eleven horrible houses and another pub lost. For ever. And a few million quid in the developers pocket …

  8. We are slowly seeing throughout the district pubs, clubs and community building being knocked down or renovated into housing, flats and apartments. Its all about money, with no consideration of the Community Impact of losing another social point. I have played Crib in the Greyhound for years and I was very saddened by the potential loss. I doubt the developers/owners are bothered about the area and the results after this development just making a quick buck at the areas loss.

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