Highways bosses say a new phase of work on the final stretch of the Lichfield Southern Bypass has begun.

The scheme – which will link the A5127 Birmingham Road with the A5206 London Road – has now switched to the construction of the carriageway.

Work taking place on the new Lichfield Southern Bypass in an earlier phase

It comes as work to create a new underpass beneath the cross city railway line nears completion.

The latest phase of the project will also include building a retaining wall for a proposed section of Lichfield Canal.

Construction is also due to begin on the new Persimmon Homes development off the new spine road.

Staffordshire County Council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for economy and skills Cllr Philip White said:

“The final section of the Lichfield Southern Bypass is essential to the city’s future growth. It is enabling the delivery of much-needed new homes it will reduce congestion in the city centre.

“The phase of works to create the new road under rail bridge was a detailed engineering project which needed to take place over Christmas as the team needed to take temporary possession of this section of the railway.

“We’re pleased that work has been able to continue safely through the Covid-19 period to help strengthen our economy at a critical time as we move out of the pandemic.”

Cllr Philip White, Staffordshire County Council

As well as the new housing estate, the road will also link with a new primary school.

Council chiefs also say they hope the road will ease city centre congestion.


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  1. “The latest phase of the project will also include building a retaining wall for a proposed section of Lichfield Canal.”

    No “proposed” about it! This work will be a great help towards the completion of the restoration. It’s brilliant.

  2. Councillor White, do I not live in Lichfield?
    Your quote in the above article that the ‘Southern Bypass will reduce congestion in the city centre’ obviously assumes those of us already living on the Southern approaches to Lichfield live beyond the city limits, and deserve nothing better than to have all the 24hr ‘next day delivery’ lorry traffic delivered to our doorsteps instead.
    A couple of years ago a Planning Officer from Frog Lane advised me that there was ‘nothing there’ when asked about the impact of the road on local residents & our green spaces.
    I’d be grateful if the County Council Highways dep’t would consider our rights as Citizens of Nowhere when constructing ‘the road to nowhere’ that will be the Southern Bypass, heading as is planned directly to the forecourt of the Shell garage on London Rd.

  3. Your points are well stated Alastair. When I attended the public meeting held at the Guild Hall by the contractors I asked the question about air pollution in the area, bearing in mind the three new housing developments soon to be started. I wondered if the local people were considered ‘collateral damage’. He was honest! “Isn’t that always the case?” He replied. “I don’t think that aspect has been considered.”
    Together with the congestion from an exponential rise in traffic, the six way traffic system will be chaos, especially in the morning and evening. As usual the council were seduced by a cheap option from the County Council. There were more logical solutions as pointed out by several respected local organisations. Sadly, yet another example of just how out of step LDC is. Of course nobody will be at blame when the obvious outcome becomes a reality.

  4. I’m seriously thinking of moving out Lichfield it’s becoming unbearable the traffic the parking problems the you can’t get a doctor’s appointment l don’t know how they can squeeze in any more houses? and retirement apartments l know people need homes but the infrastructure can’t cope such a shame the planners are ruining this beautiful city…

  5. I can see this being the start of houses on both sides of the road all of the way down to Wall Island.

    There is no joined up thinking. Hundreds and hundreds of new houses. The Greyhound could have become their local. But the Greyhound is becoming more housing.

    As there are very few jobs in Lichfield that allow you to afford to buy a home in Lichfield. Most of the new residents will have to travel by train. All the local roads are already at saturation point in the mornings.

    The schools are at breaking point. Doctors are hard to see.

    Friarsgate will become a housing estate. There is a massive nursing home being built next to a surgery…….

    The pollution will be horrendous.

    @sue – in recent years I have started to hear many people say that and a number have left. The good points that attracted people to Lichfield. Are disappearing at an alarming rate.

  6. Thank you Philip for that insight into what the sponsors of this plan really think.
    There is no justification in delivering increasing levels of commercial traffic & pollution to our residential area south of Shortbutts Lane.
    The junction of London Rd, Upper St Johns Street & Tamworth Rd is used by many local pedestrians; commuters, joggers and (most worryingly) schoolchildren heading to King Edward VI, St Joseph’s and St Michaels schools.
    A bypass should be outside the City not directly outside homes & schools.

  7. The junction outside the Shell garage is going to be a complete nightmare. Traffic trying to get on the A38, other traffic trying to get to Tamworth.

    Multiple roads all converging, but instead of a big roundabout (like 5 Ways Island) there looks to be different sets of traffic lights.

    A bypass conjures up an image of fast-flowing traffic swishing by, but I think in reality each and every morning will be like each and every EVENING at the other end of the bypass (past Waitrose and up to the Walsall Road and Three Tuns) – just standing traffic waiting to turn

  8. Increasingly, walkers and cyclists of all age groups are using the country roads Claypit&Deansaslde – off Falkland Road,which is good and positive. These activities link well with newly developing Lichfield Towpath -Canal Towpath.
    The point of this comment is to request the Authorities to consider introducing a speed limit on the two roads for safety.

  9. Is there going to be a pedestrian and cycle path running in conjunction with this project?
    Eastern avenue has “some”, the western bypass has “some” but nothing joins up, for example if your child lives down by Waitrose, and goes to school at The Friary, there is “some” cycling infrastructure which then fizzles out when it reaches Abnalls lane turning into verge. Has this been accounted for into this build?

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