A city centre coffee shop and bar is preparing to offer an outdoor service on Market Square as it welcomes customers for the first time in four months.

The Hub at St Mary’s was forced to close the venue above Lichfield Library during the coronavirus crisis.

But it now reopening with additional outdoor seating on Market Square on Friday and Saturday evenings until 8pm after being given permission by Lichfield City Council to pilot an outdoor service.

Market Square
Market Square. Picture: Jeremy Bolwell. Available for reuse under this Creative Commons licence

Louise Fleming, executive director of The Hub at St Mary’s, said:

“We are a community arts space and a registered charity, so as we are unable to put on shows and events at the moment, so The Hub has to make the most of other ways of generating income.

“We would like to thank Lichfield City Council for their generous support in allowing us to use the Market Square and also the Heritage Lottery Fund Emergency Fund for their support in purchasing queue barriers and helping us with extra front of house staff which enables us to open for longer hours.”

Louise Fleming

The coffee shop and bar will open from 31st July.

Creative director Anthony Evans said:

“By extending outside it will bring a really lovely continental street atmosphere to the Market Square.

“If other cities can do it, why shouldn’t Lichfield?”

Anthony Evans


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. Brilliant about time we had a continental approach to our city centre space, let’s hope for continental weather so that we can support the initiative.

  2. Bloody diocese, oooh we are a registered charity, struggling, even though the church was renovated top to bottom using £1.25 Million of public money from the sale of the old library, yeah we chipped in a little bit for our “floor” once it was totally renovated, and even though we receive rent from the public purse for the library we need even more, so we hoover all the cash we can from every source using our “charity” status including the Lottery “Emergency” fund.
    Are you serious!! This Tory vanity project (No really, most of the St
    Mary’s directors were councillors or local ranking party or mates of with auction houses) and a diocese sat on £70+Million reserve are taking us all for mugs.
    And now disabled people are banned from the centre, Tory disability eugenics courtesy of our MP and LDC so they dont have to look at disabled people and their transport while quaffing an espresso or a glass of pinot noir.

  3. There is nothing yet to eradicate the virus. Our only protection is isolation. Coronavirus is a silent assassin. It needs new hosts all the time. If Anthony Evens thinks his initiative is risk free then any negative outcome is on his conscience. Yes it is impossible to not take calculated risks because the economy cannot stagnate for ever. For the time being I would suggest only essential services are opened with mitigating precautions. If a cup of coffee is worth risking your life or that of someone else you might unwittingly pass the virus on to, then your priorities are wrong. At this time we all have a greater responsibility than self indulgence.

  4. Still no contact re refunding tickets from The Hub shows since mid March- shameful. But Garrick has refunded tickets up to date & beyond! Top marks.

  5. If some of the people leaving the comments above had been into The Hub, they’d know that it definitely isn’t a “tory vanity project” and that they work hard to earn money to provide for Lichfield, whether that’s through donations or other means. It’s been a community space for as long as I remember and even remember going there as a wee lass with my gran. I think it’s great the place has had a facelift and is being bought to the centre of the community once again
    In the past year, I’ve been to several fringe events, events that the Garrick would never consider, and the ticket prices are more than reasonable. Healthy competition will hopefully make the Garrick theatre sit up and listen!
    The alternative would be to have an old church lying disused in the middle of town, instead, we have a beautifully renovated building with access for everybody including wheelchair users and those that have difficulty moving.
    Talking about getting money from the council, last I heard, the Garrick is propped up by LDC giving them grants every year so they can break even!

    It’s sad that somebody is sitting at their desk at 2am in the morning slating a start-up that are doing their bloody best to provide something different for the folk of Lichfield.
    And Philip, The Hub isn’t the only place where people can get a coffee, but sure, Anthony will take the weight of infections on his shoulders anyway…

    You can’t please some people

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