Council chiefs say they are making changes to a controversial alteration to disabled parking provision in Lichfield.

On-street blue badge bays have been temporarily suspended to allow for social distancing in the city centre.

To mitigate the issue, the council converted a number of spaces into disabled bays in the Bird Street car park.

Bays reserved for disabled drivers in Bird Street car park

But following a backlash from businesses and drivers, the local authority says it is now moving some of the blue badge spaces elsewhere in the city.

Cllr Liz Little, cabinet member for major projects and academic development, said:

“We know Bird Street car park is a popular choice for many people driving to Lichfield and, having monitored how many blue badge holders are using it, we have decided to move half of these temporary spaces to Lombard Street car park. 

“We will continue to monitor both car parks to make sure we get the mix right for both shoppers and Blue Badge holders.”

Cllr Liz Little

The council said it was also planning to extend a scheme which sees people able to park all day for £1 in a number of city centre car parks.

The offer was meant to come to end on 3rd August, but the council says it will now run until 31st August.

“I’m really pleased we’ve been able to extend this offer and I am sure everyone planning a day out in Lichfield or a quick pop to the shops will also be pleased.

“The offer is helping to bring people back to the city centre and is supporting our local shops, eateries and visitor attractions.”

Cllr Liz Little

To find out more about the £1 parking offer and for a handy city centre car park map, visit


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15 replies on “Council to move some disabled bays after backlash from Lichfield city centre businesses and drivers”

  1. I fail to see what this will achieve by moving the disabled car park facilities from Bird St to Lombard street as the distance to the Banks and Market is just as far. If you can not walk a small distance then you are not able to visit the centre of town to shop.

  2. The reason there hasn’t been a take up in use of the Bird Street disabled spaces car park, is its to far away to access parts of the town, i.e. Bore street. Cllr Liz Little is now removing some of the disabled parking so able bodied people can park closer and move disabled parking further away, a move which I feel is just discrimination towards the disabled.
    All of those original parking spaces in the city centre with a blue badge car in them represented disabled spending customers and LDC removed them all within 24 hours.
    Why not make all car parking free, until October, and create disabled parking spaces as close to the centre as possible, such as on Wade street, this would provide a boost to businesses who are struggling and improve access to disabled users.
    Longer term have a future facing effective and ground breaking shop mobility/parking service that benefits its users and Lichfield.

  3. We had a saying when I was an apprentice many moons ago whenever someone made a monumental cock-up and followed it with an even bigger one.

    Lichfield Council – it is time to introduce Mr Arse to Mr Elbow!

  4. At last common sense prevails…

    No, wait. I got that wrong.


    At last, the Council makes a clear and decisive decision after proper consultation.

    No, that’s not right either.

    Got it. Council finds itself in deep hole and digs even further down.
    So disabled people complain that Bird Street car park is not great as its too far to walk. The council’s remedy is to move some spaces to Lombard Street, which is even further away and not exactly the most easily accessible car park for those with mobility issues.

    This is a triumph for those able-bodied moaners who were unwilling to park further away from the centre of Lichfield than Bird Street and yet believe the disabled and those with mobility problems should park in The Friary and other car parks. It is also a triumph of cockwomble-style ineptitude for the council.

    Well done everyone!

  5. The stupidity of Lichfield Council knows no bounds now the disabled parking practically out of town. Simple solution allow access in & out of Bore street re in state disabled bays there & it still Means pedestrianisation of centre of Lichfield achievable. Business still served & no impact on able bodied spots & social distancing town centre.
    I urge all who are impacted to contact Cllr Alan White the new leader of the Council with concerns.

  6. In the spirit of openness and fair play, could the names of the Council officials who made these changes be published?
    We could then give them the accolades which they so deserve.

  7. I came down to lichfield yesterday 28th July thinking I could park in bird st to go to B@ M and also my local HSBC but was unable to find a space yet all of the disabled were empty ,I drove round to Lombard st only to find the same situation there . In the end feeling very annoyed I had to resort to going to tesco to park which the gave me a very long walk to both destinations and as I am not eligible for a blue badge I am still a pensioner of almost eighty – VERY ANGRY LICHFIELD RESIDENT

  8. All this has done is segregated the disabled residents of this city. Which could possibly be in contravention of the Equality act of 2010. The council seem to think they can be draconian with this idiotic idea. Without any consultation. Absolutely disgusting.

  9. If your a disabled driver wanting to go to Lloyds bank, most of the time you’ll probably end up walking (or wheeling) from spots past the Guildhall or near Wilko.

    After the changes, the spaces on Lombard would actually be closer.

    Hopefully there’ll be more spaces allocated too

  10. Has it not dawned on the council why the new disabled parking in Bird Street is largely unused? It’s too far for those with mobility problems to walk to centre businesses! So reduced parking for most people and no useful parking for disabled. Well done LDC, what a gem of an idea.

  11. Teresa
    I came to Lichfield on Monday as I had an appointment in Bore Street. As a disabled driver I had to park in Lombard street. By the time I had walked to my appointment I was in so much pain that instead of shopping as planned. I struggled back to my car and went home. Thanks!!! Hope the businesses understand how many of us will be doing this.

  12. What is the sense of closing the disabled bays in Lichfield. Can’t see how it is helping social distancing. The bays are wide enough to allow social distancing anyway. This is not helping us disabled people at all and the bays look unsightly with the drapes hanging between them. Who do I need to complain to regarding this silly idea.

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