A Lichfield councillor says the city’s MP should represent his constituents rather than “parroting the party line”.

Cllr Hugh Ashton’s comments come after a recent vote on a trade bill.

The Lichfield City Council member said he had written to Michael Fabricant over concerns about the future of the NHS in relation to trade negotiations with the United States.

Cllr Hugh Ashton and Michael Fabricant MP

But he claimed the MP’s response had “echoed” those of other Conservatives.

“Mr Fabricant voted against New Clause 17 which would have enshrined in law the principle that the NHS stays in British hands

“Given this Government’s history of u-turns on previously held positions, and the overall lack of trust in the Johnson Government, the lack of legal protection for the NHS should be a cause for concern.”

Cllr Hugh Ashton, Lichfield City Council

Cllr Ashton said votes by Mr Fabricant against clauses on food standards and a potential Parliamentary veto on future trade deals were also concerning.

“With a 78-seat majority the Government could introduce seemingly innocuous legislative changes which actually form the conditions for a trade deal that is disadvantageous to the people of the United Kingdom, while benefitting a privileged few in this country and overseas.

“I believe that Lichfield’s MP should be doing more to protect the interests of his constituents than simply parroting the party line, which dodges the issue.

“If he genuinely believes in protecting the NHS, British food and animal welfare standards, and the representative democratic process, he would have voted for, rather than against, these clauses.”

Cllr Hugh Ashton, Lichfield City Council

Mr Fabricant declined to comment.


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12 replies on “Lichfield councillor says MP should stop “parroting the party line””

  1. Fabricant
    is behaving in a hypocritical and detrimental way to the majority
    with a second wave of C19 due he voted against Nurses being paid fairly A slap not a clap

  2. What’s new? Michael Fabricant has only ever listened to constituents and voted against party lines over HS2. We all know that was a self preservation move because if he hadn’t he would have lost votes.

  3. The NHS is not a City council matter, so his views are irrelevant. Perhaps Mr Fabricant is wise enough to realise that many of these proposed trade amendments have nothing to do with “protecting” the NHS and everything to do with stifling genuine trade, Remoaner battle 2.0. I find Mr Fabricant to be somewhat consistent in his application of common sense on most matters; what the naysayers mean when they say he’s toeing the party line is that he disagrees with the loons and is upholding the manifesto upon which he achieved a stonking majority in this constituency.

  4. Michael Fabricant is one on the “Loons”. The 1922 committee used to be a thorn for the leaders but never held any power, now they’re too influential and the problems we are seeing with a weak PM and unqualified cabinet are because of his type.

  5. Mr R isn’t brave enough to expose his identity. A supporter of the local MP (he who supports No Deal Brexit and selling off the NHS and voted not to give MPs or Parliament scrutiny of trade deals). Mr Fabricant is in a safe Tory seat. All Tory MPs and ministers who stood outside clapping the NHS also applauded when they voted for nurses not to have a pay increase. They still won’t give them a pay increase. When MPs voted not to award nurses & NHS staff an increase they actually applauded! Imagine that! Nursing bursaries were stopped. These matters of central government affect each and every one of us in Lichfield. How our MP votes on every issue matters. It’s irrelevant that these are not matters for the District or City Council. This is a Tory country and a Tory city. It’s time that people woke up to what is really going on. Million of ££ contracts have being given out to Tory cronies – companies with no expertise or experience in manufacture or supply and are not being supplied. Amongst these are a small family run pest control company. It is widely reported that to date almost none of the contractors have actually provided any PPE. Michael Fabricant is a loyal member of a corrupt government. This ought to call into question his future. No Deal Brexit looms along with a continuing chaotic handling of the pandemic.

  6. I think we all know who Mr Fabricant really cares about, and (shock horror), it’s not you or I. Fabricant cares about Fabricant. End of.

    Fancy recently refusing Nurses a pay rise?! What a hypocrite?! This is a man who tweeted about clapping for the NHS during the lockdown. He adores TRUMP (which should really have alarm bells ringing). You’d have to be a complete moron to vote for him .

  7. He is not a patriot. Patriots aren’t complicit in selling off basic amenities to foreign powers, nor accepting money from Russian business, nor denying their citizens and essential workers decent wages, while voting themselves increases, taking annual expenses in multiples of median wages and eating subsidised meals. MP actually represent ALL their constituents.

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