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A regional business chief say a “rapid improvement” is needed in the way the Government communicates changes to coronavirus restrictions.

The call comes after Boris Johnson today (31st July) announced a delay in the reopening of some businesses.

The Prime Minister said the nation “must squeeze the brake pedal” to keep COVID-19 under control.

But Paul Faulkner, chief executive of Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerces, said firms needed more notice of changes.

Paul Faulkner

“Ensuring there is no second peak or second national lockdown is critical for businesses. But so too is the need for a rapid improvement in Government communication.

“One day’s notice on a huge change in guidance for those businesses due to reopen tomorrow and communication of local lockdown measures via Twitter late in the evening are not effective ways of engaging businesses.

“In order to enforce government guidance, businesses need clear messaging and time to understand and apply it.

“This also reinforces the need for a more nuanced approach to government support for businesses including sector-specific support and ongoing access to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for those businesses most impacted by ongoing measures and local lockdowns.”

Paul Faulkner

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  1. No sh!t Sherlock…

    When you have unelected officials briefing from No.10 without being challenged, then a succession of Cabinet ministers saying different things and failing to seemingly understand the plan themselves, a Prime Minister who prefers to use phrases like “whack-a-mole” rather than treat us like adults and Government-appointed scientists disagreeing with policy, is it any wonder people are confused?
    Of course, the decision to scale back the easing of lockdown is the public’s fault for not following the rules properly.
    We are to blame for failing to understand the confused mish-mash of bumbling statements, soundbite-friendly briefings and a PM and ministers often unable to answer straight questions or string coherent sentences together.

    A renewed national lockdown is already being suggested by the PM – our fault again, obviously – so as businesses start to struggle to try and get back to normal they are immediately subjected to more restrictions again. Any hope of consistency and normality is immediately lost in another fug of misinformation, mishandled statistics, evasive statements and confusion.

    But, remember folks, we are to blame for not following the rules properly.

  2. I’m not a supporter of Tory politics but I very much doubt any other party would have done much better. We are all stuck in a hard place between infection and the economy. The general public have been “desperate” to get back to normality. And Scribbler, when given some leniency it has been massively abused. Many think their social life is worth the risk. You do not need advanced education to know the risks.
    The BBC is shameless in brow beating government officials at morning interviews. The pedantycism is mind blowing and embarrassing. The core message is still the same. There is no vaccine for Covid 19. There might never be. If you ignore social distancing you risk getting infected or infecting others. Infection can spread rapidly. The NHS might be overwhelmed. Is there a good answer or compromise for the situation? NO THERE IS NOT. How the country and the world faces the challenge is a very worrying conundrum.

  3. I believe Mr Scribbler has hit the nail on the head – Philip.
    As a loyal Conservative supporter for almost 4 decades I have been continually left appalled and dumbfounded by the Government’s responses and actions since the original lockdown was announced back in March.
    Philip asks if any other party would have done better. The SNP has done better for Scotland and Labour has done better for Wales. So the answer to that appears to be yes.
    With friends in both Scotland and Wales I know there have been frustrations within those countries with their respective governments. But in both countries those frustrations have been relatively minor and the overwhelming feeling is one of relief that “at least we don’t have to listen to Westminster”.
    What a shameful state of affairs that arguably the one political party that is dedicated to a United Kingdom should be viewed in such terms in those countries. The Conservative Party I support and remain loyal to has without a doubt lost its way badly, putting the interests of a small select few before the interests of the country as a whole. I fear we are heading for a lockdown part 2 that will prove even more damaging and difficult than the original measures and that is solely due to the Government’s mishandling of this situation.
    As a supporter of Mr Johnson I have been left dismayed and disillusioned by his own performance and the way in which he has allowed the Government to drift. Our own MP’s performance has also left a lot to be desired.
    Change is required in order to help our nation unite and recover properly.

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