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People need to co-operate with pubs to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, Lichfield MP says.

Michael Fabricant’s comments come following an outbreak in Stone.

Michael Fabricant

The Conservative MP said the systems brought in to identify potential outbreaks needed people to ensure they were providing accurate data when visiting bars.

“The outbreak of COVID-19 in Stone at the the Crown and Anchor pub highlights the importance of track and trace.

“Despite several hundred people visiting on the 16th, 17th and 18th July, it seems the number of names on the register was just in single figures.

“That is startling and makes track and trace very difficult when time is of the essence.”

Michael Fabricant MP

The Conservative MP said landlords and drinkers needed to take responsibility for ensuring any outbreak could be managed quickly.

“Visiting pubs in Lichfield, I have been impressed with the systems put in place particularly by the larger chains and some privately owned pubs.

“But anecdotal evidence is that some rural pubs are not as thorough.

“It is important for the safety of others that publicans keep an effective and comprehensive contacts register and that all customers cooperate with the measures in place – it is the law.

“If these rules continue to be flouted, I shall be asking for stiffer penalties in Pariament. It is no good blaming track and trace if the data is not there in the first place.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. Interesting.
    It should be the govt, with a proper, credible, track & trace system who manage this, not hard working staff who could have their livelihoods pulled at a moment’s notice. Stop blaming the population and look to your own govt. Reduce transmission in the community and it’s much easier to track.
    For the avoidance of doubt Mr Fabricant, my family will be going nowhere, remaining in isolation until govt can get a grip of the situation and pursue a zero-covid approach.
    Lots of saved money to spend but we expect it will be used to buy essentials later in the year when the banking crisis, brexit & govt not dealing with this during Summer, will impact us all.
    Whilst I’m here, the latest tory Honours list is a disgrace to our democracy. Thanks for reading.

  2. Michael before lecturing us on how to stop the spread of coronavirous it would help the whole of the UK if you got your government forces to stop the illegal trafficking of migrants in rubber boats across the Channel ? Who knows what diseases they’re bringing onto our shores ? So before lecturing your supporters start telling your friends in Parliament because at this rate you won’t be there much longer ?

  3. @Kitty – I agree the current track and trace system leaves something to be desired, but you can’t just leave that to “the government”. Track and trace is operated by real, live, ordinary people who have to try to make some sense of the information provided to them. The owners and managers of our pubs have a clear and very important role within a “proper, credible” track and trace system.

    Though it hurts to admit it, Fabbo is actually quite correct when he says ” It is no good blaming track and trace if the data is not there in the first place.”

    Meanwhile, I’m not going anywhere near Grumpy Old Man’s irrelevant, virulent xenophobia.

  4. Grumpy old man, you’re as big an intolerant idiot as Fabricant!

    The pubs in Lichfield aren’t asking for contact details, so who’s to blame? Drunk customers or premises that don’t care a hoot about the ever changing guidelines?

    Here’s guessing we’re back in lockdown by October

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