People in Lichfield and Burntwood will no longer one able to put bagged waste in their blue bins.

The decision comes after an increase in the number of loads being rejected by recycling centres due to contaminated waste.

Lichfield District Council will be putting stickers on blue bins to outline what can and cannot be put in them.

But it says recycling left in clear or carrier bags will now mean blue bins aren’t collected.

One of the stickers being placed on blue bins

Cllr Richard Cox, cabinet member for leisure, parks and waste, said:

“We’re asking everyone to be extra careful about what they put in their recycling bins and not to bag up their blue bin waste.

“Our high recycling rates reflect residents’ hard work sorting their rubbish, but recently we’ve had a number of loads rejected by the recycling centre.

“The environmental impact of one contaminated bin can be huge, as it can cause an entire truckload to be rejected, meaning it all ends up in landfill or being incinerated. It’s also expensive – if the recent pattern continues it could cost us around £250,000 extra a year.

“Most residents are great at recycling, remembering to rinse out food and drink containers and not to bag up recycling. If you do want to use a bin liner in the home, simply tip out the recycling into your blue bin and re-use the bag.

“I hope we can bring our recycling efforts back up to previous standards. It will help our waste and recycling crews, save resources, and help the environment.”

Cllr Richard Cox, Lichfield District Council

To check what can and can’t go in your blue bin, go to


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  1. If we all did that – then our black bins will fill up quicker and before they are due to be emptied:(every two weeks) and also; no “side rubbish allowed” either!
    I know, cause I have done it!

  2. Do this,Do that ,Don’t do this. It is about time LDC did a proper job of emptying bins when they are due. One knows the bin has been emptied as there is rubbish on the road and I have to search down the road to find mine.

  3. More changes mean more mistakes. More man hours dealing with complaints on changes. False economy pointless unfair changes rushed through.

    All the hard work of the poor bin men made to look like fools by over paid councillors inexperienced in managing changes

  4. In our house we have a kitchen bin which is for non recycling stuff. And a bag bin for recycling. As the bags will no longer be allowed, i am not going out into the garden every time i have one piece of recyling to put in the outside bin. From now on it can all go in the black bin.

  5. Or Paul, you could continue to fill your bag, but just walk to the blue bin and upturn said plastic bag, thereby emptying the contents into the blue bin.

    Maybe then even reuse your plastic bag again? Result!

  6. Incredible.

    So if I understand some of the comments above, it’s an outrageous request of LDC to ask people to simply empty their plastic sacks into the bins rather than placing the sacks directly in the bins. Even though there’s a good reason for it.

    ML, as you’re not paid to put your rubbish in the bin at all, why not go the whole hog and just leave it lying around your house? Then you could complain about that.

  7. Lichfield Council, Your doing an Outstanding Job of destroying the citys cleaniness, history, health, protection and fair rent prices. Keep it up and eventually the people may just get fed up.

    If this council was governing anywhere else in the world, it wouldnt last 3 weeks.

  8. “The environmental impact of one contaminated bin can be huge, as it can cause an entire truckload to be rejected, meaning it all ends up in landfill or being incinerated” Does that mean that most truck loads don’t contain a single “wrong item”. Pretty amazing if that’s true!

  9. Whats hard about just putting recyclable items loosely in your Blue Bin.
    We keep a bin inside add the recyclable items to it, then empty it in the Blue Bin when full simples folk !
    In parts of the country if you add recyclable items to your Black Bin they will fine you.
    If people start adding to much recyclable items to your Black Bin that will start here also.

  10. I am finding some comments on here laughable.
    If you put your recycling in a bag in the house, how hard is it actually to empty it out into the recycling bin, and put the bag in the grey bin??
    People are just lazy.

  11. What is wrong with people. Some of these comments are totally pathetic. Our refuse and recycling system is incredibly straight-forward and I used to think really simple to understand. Clearly for quite a few local people it is more like the “Krypton Factor”!

    So many of you do not understand how lucky we are in Lichfield to have this system. Compared to other council areas, including in the Midlands, this system is excellent.

    How hard is to collect recycling in a bag and then tip the contents of that big into your blue bin? How inconvenient do you think that is? How many precious seconds do you waste when you could be doing something really useful like watching TV or making stupid complaints about council services?

    The majority of us seem to get it without much of a problem. I can only assume that those who do not “get it” represent a minority who will complain about anything, will never actually vote (or if they do will waste it on a minority party locally like Labour or the Liberals), think the world owes them everything, are not prepared to even think about other people and have probably not been social distancing or wearing face masks.

  12. Good God. No wonder we have a Tory council.

    “I can’t be bothered voting for anyone else, let’s just vote Conservative”

    And then, when politely asked not to use plastic bags..

    “I don’t get paid for this, stuff the environment, sod the future, someone else can do it!”

    Is this the all-new Brexit-fuelled powerhouse we’re bringing to the world? A load of people who can’t even be bothered to collect stuff in a plastic bag, then empty said bag into a blue bin?

    What a bunch of lazy moaners we’ve become. No wonder the Aussies call us whinging poms!

  13. There were leaflets sent to everyone about this ages ago. They said that they will not empty the recycling bins if any of the waste is in a bin liner that isn’t transparent

  14. I am 85 years old and certainly do not find a problem putting my recycling in a bag in the house and when it is full nip outside and tip it into the recycle bin I do that daily most people who complain are probably the sort of people who leave rubbish all over the countryside rather than take it home bone idle.

  15. My only issue with this is as follows.

    You use an internal bin and bin bag to store your recycling. When full, you empty it into your blue bin. The bin bag is almost certainly not reusable so you put that in your grey bin. Thus more plastic bags end up in landfill, which is what the plastic bag charge was brought in to reduce.

    I’m all for doing it the right way and don’t subscribe to the ‘CBA’ approach. But it contradicts previous advice / guidance.

  16. @ Mark Wilkinson, the plastic bag charge was brought in to reduce the number of plastic bags being bought and used. It wasn’t anything to do with whether or not to use them to put your recycling in.

    And at the end of the day, you can still put your empty plastic bags in your blue bin. There’s absolutely no contradiction here.

  17. It would be very interesting to know how much of our recycling. Actually gets recycled.

    Lots of recycling. Gets sorted. Then sent round the world, to sit in storage or burnt. The UK recyclers, get paperwork to say it has been recycled. They receive money for recycling. It all looks as if it has been recycled. It has just been moved, burnt or dumped.

  18. The people confused about this and complaining will no doubt need help with tieing their own shoe laces or wiping their own backsides next.

    They will then complain about a Conservative council wasting taxpayers money when they have to produce signs with shoelaces and toilets on them to teach the neanderthals.

    I know its a minority who are clueless but why is so much time bring wasted on people without enough brain cells to support the majority party?

  19. Marvellous, we have one agency telling us to save water and not to waste it leaving taps running while we brush our teeth and another demanding we wash out dirty containers before it goes for recycling. Is that not wasting it and adding to costs if on a water meter. I also think they are washed again at the recycling plant anyway.

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