Lichfield’s MP has criticised “fake outrage” amongst Members of Parliament over the decision not to name or suspend a Conservative MP accused of rape – insisting most did not vote against laws on the issue.

Reports over the weekend revealed that a Tory MP had been arrested in connection with an alleged rape.

However, the identity of the elected representative accused has not been revealed.

Michael Fabricant

But Michael Fabricant, MP for Lichfield, said the rules meaning anonymity would be granted were voted on in Parliament by many of those unhappy with the decision.

“In 2016, a law was passed saying that if an MP is arrested, he or she cannot be named unless charged with a crime – nor can they be suspended because they’d then be named or identified.

“Only one MP voted against.

“This is a load of fake outrage from MPs who did not vote against the 2016 rule.

“In this country, you are innocent until proven guilty.

“Needless to say – but I will – Jess Phillips screaming for the MP to be named and suspended did not vote against the legislation.”

Michael Fabricant MP

But Labour MP Mrs Phillips said Mr Fabricant was wrong in his interpretation of the 2016 vote – and accused him of using “sexist language” in the comments made on social media.

“You have completely and utterly misunderstood that legislation.

“Charlie Elphick was named by the Conservative chief whip, so maybe take that up with him because by your account he broke the law.

“And mind your sexist language.”

Jess Phillips MP


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. There is a very real possibility that if this MP is identified – by being suspended – that the name of his alleged victim will become known, or at least widely guessed at, so there may be a perfectly good reason for not doing so.
    Nevertheless, it is becoming a bit tiresome of Mr Fabricant to claim everything with which he disagrees is ‘fake outrage’. Some of it is very real. I am still fuming over the Cummings saga.

  2. What is it with Fabbo and his takeover of Lichfield Live? Not only do we have to put up with his picture several times but his vacuous and snarky comments on stuff that is not really his job. At least we know it’s not him, since no PM made him a minister.

  3. Ah, Mr Fabricant, you over-privilege sausage. You never fail to disappoint, do you?

    Then again, this is Lichfield. Our MP could run naked through the streets shouting whatever he wanted and we’d still vote Conservative.

  4. Tory party is showing more and more its true colours. Not blue, not patriotic, far from it.
    Imagine if this were a Labour/ Lib Dem/ SNP politician, etc. Tories would be all over this.
    If anyone else was arrested and bailed pending investigation in any other role; teaching, nursing, banking, anything, they’d be suspended on full pay pending outcomes.
    Tories are losing their own voters due to their inept govt and this just another example. This isn’t ‘faux outrage’, it’s real people being angry.
    Cliff Richard didn’t have the same rules applied did he, for example…

  5. I think the more pressing issue is the length of time it has taken for the Conservative Party to acknowledge a complaint. Latest reports suggest an initial complaint was levelled against the MP 4 months ago and seemingly nothing has happened. It took the launch of a criminal investigation to stir the party into action, but even then it has chosen to close ranks.
    Compare the decision to withdraw the whip from Conservative MP Julian Lewis with the inaction against a fellow MP who faces very serious criminal allegations.
    Within hours of Mr Lewis leapfrogging the PM’s favoured choice for chairman of the intelligence committee (the inept Chris Grayling would have been a catastrophe, whilst Mr Lewis seems a more stable choice) he was unceremoniously dumped by his own party.
    This is not the actions of a Conservative Party that I have supported for almost 4 decades. It is yet another worrying example of a party that is being run for the benefit of a select few, not the country as a whole.
    Mr Fabricant’s comments on this and other recent issues are also part of a worrying decline in his local standing amongst those of us who have supported him wholeheartedly in successive elections.

  6. As has been stated elsewhere, in any other role the alleged perpetrator would be suspended pending the investigation. This is just more Toryism riding roughshod over the law to suit themselves, as with Cummings’ trip up north. One rule for them and one for the rest of us. Fabricant is just proving himself to be the toadying tory he is. Be glad when he retires.

  7. @Burntwood Bloke. For God’s sake don’t mention our MP in connection with running naked through the streets. Nude bicycling has already been threatened, let’s not give this exhibitionist any more ideas!

    If you’re reading, Mr Fabricant, I too can assure you that your constituents’ outrage over the repellent Cummings flouting the law with the PM’s backing is far from fake, and your failure to take a stand won’t be just be forgotten.

  8. I’d like to add, Fabricant doesn’t help himself, calling people’s anger “fake outrage” is insulting, people can be outraged that the MP is not named at this stage, it doesn’t make it fake, his tone is reminiscent of the repulsive incumbent US president, who labels everything he doesn’t agree with as ‘fake,’ we don’t need that in our politics.

    Perhaps the bigger issue is his failure to address the seriousness of the offence, rape is a serious sexual assault, which carries mandatory life sentence which, if convicted would see the MP in question expelled.

  9. When you get me agreeing with Barry Scott, thus uniting two ends of the political spectrum, you realise that for decent people both this government and Fabbo are beyond the bounds of acceptable behaviour.

  10. This is a straightforward safeguarding issue. He should be suspended immediately. Can anyone name another public facing job when someone charged with rape would not be suspended until the hearing? Teacher, Nurse, Social Worker? Of course not. Suspension safeguards the public. It’s not political, but it is procedure.

  11. So Tory whips knew about this particular MP for a few years ,as a former whip yourself anything you’d like to add Michael ? .

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