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The pool at Friary Grange Leisure Centre

Members of Lichfield Swimming Club are back in the pool at last – by say they remain disappointed at not being able to train in the city.

The continued closure of Friary Grange Leisure Centre due to the coronavirus crisis has left the club unable to access their home pool.

Gaynor Dawson and Amy Carnall from Lichfield Swimming Club at Burntwood Leisure Centre

Instead swimmers are having to travel to Tamworth, Walsall Wood and Burntwood.

The club is now asking for a commitment that members will be able to return to Friary Grange sooner rather than later.

The club’s chair Helen Dickinson said:

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“Lichfield Swimming Club is delighted to be back in the pool following the reopening of some pools.

“However we are extremely disappointed that this was not at the Friary Grange Leisure Centre our home pool and the only public pool in the City of Lichfield.

“Although we have managed to access times at Walsall, Oak Park and Tamworth for the month of August, many of these session will not be suitable once the swimmers return to school as the times clash with working parents and school.

“Even now we have swimmers unable to access the sessions they desire due to the logistics of travel and the difficult timings.

“This is resulting in a loss of revenue for the club and even more upsetting we have lost several of swimmers to a club with its own pool who can offer guaranteed sessions at a suitable time for work and school.

“We are now seeking urgent reassurance of the reopening of the Friary Grange Leisure Centre ahead of October and a guarantee of swimming times in line with our previous sessions.”

Helen Dickinson, Lichfield Swimming Club

Helen added that the benefits of swimming should not be underestimated by council decision makers.

“As a club we have seen the smiles return to our swimmers’ faces as soon as they saw the water after over 130 days away.

“This shows what a positive impact swimming has not only on our swimmers’ fitness, but the mental health of these amazing young people.

“The pandemic had taken a massive toll on the health and wellbeing of all and by not opening the Friary Grange they are also preventing the community of Lichfield from improving their fitness and supporting their mental health – a key in the fight against COVID-19.”

Helen Dickinson, Lichfield Swimming Club


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