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Lichfield’s MP says he welcomes new rules that will require housing developers to provide tree-lined streets when building new homes.

Michael Fabricant was co-sponsor of a presentation of a private Bill on planning reforms.

The Conservative MP backed the proposal by Heywood and Middleton MP Chris Clarkson.

Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for homes, communities and local government said the Tree Lined Streets Bill would help to create more attractive places for people to live.

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“The Bill has inspired the Government to propose that all new streets in major developments are lined with trees. 

“We want to build more homes – faster – to help the next generation onto the ladder, but also to create places people want to live in and of which we can be proud.

“This means beautiful, green and environmentally sustainable communities, of which trees play an important part.”

Robert Jenrick MP
Michael Fabricant with officials from the Woodland Trust at Pipe Hill Farm

Mr Fabricant, who is vice chair of the Woods and Trees All Party Parliamentary Group and a long standing member of the Woodland Trust, said:

“This is fantastic news – we are lucky in the Lichfield constituency that so many of our new developments are beautifully landscaped with trees incorporated in our streetscapes.

“But this is not the case in all parts of the country.  This Bill has helped change the face of Britain for the better.”

Michael Fabricant MP


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. I assume that, given the bonfire of democratic planning law proposed by the Tories (major donors include large building companies), Fabbo is showing us the swath from the Three Tuns to Pipe Hayes that will be built on in the next 5 years (but with trees). As the ‘green belt’ disappears to be replaced with concrete, spare a tear for all those who voted Tory to prevent radical green politics run by dangerous allotment gardeners.

  2. We live in a tree lined street built in the 70s, a short walk from the Cathedral. The trees are now showing a little age and now some occasional maintenance which, of course LDC doesn’t do, so when a little problem becomes a big problem the trees get chopped down and don’t get replaced. Nothing wrong with planting new trees, but look after the older ones too.

  3. Have they ensured who will be responsible for maintenance in the bill, probably not. Trees that were planted decades ago in streets are now causing problems with foundations.Perhaps they should consult with residents first if they want them.
    Still, I suppose the dogs will be happy.

  4. Wow, fantastic, after many requests to the police (who regularly travel faster than the stated limit), MF, local council and Staffordshire County council the speeding traffic throughout Lichfield will reduce for no better reason than the extreme volume of traffic on the roads due to the 1000 plus houses being built in the area (the above collective have been useless in making the roads safe for pedestrians and cyclists as they do funk all about it)
    With the green belts being moved (who would believe greenbelts can be moved) to allow the 1000 plus houses being built in the Birmingham Rd area alone, a few trees being planted will make all the difference.
    Slowly but surely we will witness the destruction of this beautiful city into an overcrowded suburb or Birmingham.
    Thank goodness I am taking leave, heading out to the countryside with my work and taking my two businesses with me, the sanctuary that was Lichfield will be for ever lost.

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