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Health chiefs are urging people in Lichfield and Burntwood to enjoy the warm weather safely.

With temperatures soaring, residents are being reminded of the risks still posed by COVID-19.

Staffordshire County Council’s director of health and care Dr Richard Harling said people needed to avoid crowded places:

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“It’s going to be a lovely few days, so the important thing is people are going out in the warm weather, they must ensure they follow national guidance for COVID-19 control, and maintain strict hygiene and social distancing both in pubs and in other outdoor spaces such as parks.

“Pubs and bars are expected to take a series of precautions to keep staff and customers safe, but it’s also up to customers to play their part – if somewhere looks overcrowded and social distancing isn’t being maintained, people shouldn’t be going in.

“We are working hard to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our communities, and people can help taking a few extra precautions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.”

Dr Richard Harling


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. I agreed with health safety Lichfield. I was walking to city .and taken some pictures from bar in side and out side. You cannot think. What a Risk of health
    Covi 19 people not interested in covi 19. Lichfield need police to act late night what is going on.

  2. We need to have just one place shut down that’s not conforming to COVID guidelines for the rest to act properly- I’d suggest Weatherspoons, zero effort made to keep records of customers thus making contact tracing impossible

  3. In Lichfield centre earlier today and you won’t be too surprised to read I noted the emergence of the Muzzle Litter Lout.

    This is how it works. Muzzler heads into town from a car park (if you can find one), muzzle around neck or in pocket/bag.

    Muzzler enters shop, on it goes, Muzzler exits shop, off it comes and back in pocket/bag hung around neck. Repeat until time to go home, possible exemption if Muzzler enters pub or sits outside a cafe.

    Mucus/Covid/snot filled muzzle tossed into street for someone else to deal with. Not a big problem, you can buy these in packs, just like tissues.

    Ok, I’ve hammed it up a bit – but not much – count those discarded, blue muzzles next time you are in town.

    Can you imagine what the muzzle pile must be like in Cornwall?

  4. the people still going on about not wearing a face masks. why should you worry if you’ve got your mask on ? it’s down to the individual to wear on.

    the actual numbers for COVID-19 deaths a false anyway

  5. We visited a pub for lunch when passing through Litchfield with no precautions, social distancing masks on staff or sanitising/cleaning so it’s not surprising really!

  6. Don’t worry, once schools go back give it about a month and there will be few places left open, unless Test, Track and Trace is introduced properly. Chaos breeds chaos; if you are daft enough to suck up all the misinformation from social media and not take precautions, you won’t have to repent on the other person’s death bed

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