A train operator says passengers with hidden disabilities in Lichfield can now travel with confidence.

Recent changes to restrictions on public transport is expected to lead to increased numbers of people returning to local train services.

The Sunflower Scheme has been introduced to help those travelling with non-visible disabilities to let others know they may need extra time or assistance during their journey.

The symbol is recognised across the rail industry and West Midlands Railway is handing out a free lanyard to passengers who need one at staffed ticket offices.

Rebecca Preece, transport and accessibility manager for West Midlands Railway, said:

“Making sure the railway is accessible for everyone is a priority for us and the Sunflower Scheme is a great way of giving passengers extra confidence and reassurance should they need it.

“We know some of our customers may not have travelled for some time which is why we are doing all we can to help as we welcome people back onto the trains.”

Rebecca Preece, West Midlands Railway

For more information on the Sunflower Scheme, click here.


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One reply on “Train operator hoping Sunflower Scheme will help Lichfield rail passengers with hidden disabilities”

  1. Why has it taken so long for this to happen? My son who is autistic has been wearing one for two years but I have never seen anybody working on the railways acknowledge it. It is more important than ever that those with hidden disabilities are recognised as they often cannot wear face masks and there needs to be a way for them to be identified. Unfortunately it probably won’t stop self righteous types or jobsworths causing trouble as seems to be happening more frequently since the end of the lockdown.

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