The ribbon has been cut on new public toilets in Lichfield.

The replacement loos have been installed at the city’s bus station to replace the now-demolished predecessor.

Mal Holt, from Healthmatic with Cllr Joe Pow and Andy Crawford of The Coleman Group.

The Healthmatic facilities offer two unisex toilets, one of which has disabled access and a baby changer.

The facilities will be open every day from 7am to 7pm.

The opening ceremomy was carried out by Cllr Joe Powell, chairman of Lichfield District Council. He said:

“At a time when many local authorities have closed public toilets, it is great news that the bus station has these smart new facilities, which I was happy to formally open.

“Our Birmingham Road site improvement project is nearing completion, and we are all looking forward to final phase of the car park opening up soon.

“When finished, these short-term improvements will make the area safer, more useful and attractive, and provide a better route into the city from the train and bus stations.

“This will allow us time to work on our plans for the long-term future of this key area.”

Cllr Joe Powell


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  1. So for all those visitors we will get coming by bus, coach or train Lichfield will provide 2 toilets but looks like no shelter for those waiting in the queue.
    Brilliant, really well done again Lichfield council.

  2. Could the councellor give us an up-date on the public toilets by the enterance to our popular Beacon
    Park ,as it has been closed for a long long time ,when your in need ,and woolworth’s toilets are closed it becomes a long way to walk to the bus station

  3. It is staggering that public toilets have actually been retained and I would also ask the same question as Rob re the Beacon Park toilets – I had heard it was because a “part is on order” Also as a matter of public health there should always be access to clean decent public toilets – and this does not just apply to Lichfield. Even if a charge needs to be made to ensure ongoing cleaning. As an additional thought maybe developers (who will certainly benefit from the easing of planning regulations) should be required to provide funds to the local councils to help with the provision.

  4. So, Coaches come in, plus buses and visitors, one unisex loo and one disabled.
    Would it not have been better organized and had more facilities for all.
    Personally I think males should have their own toilets, as so should women.
    Hey ho, another waste of money, and poor organization by LDC

  5. The shortage of public toilets in this country is a national scandal. Of all the things that local authorities should be providing, toilets should be top of the list, as we all need them. These new toilets are better than nothing, but only just. The pandemic has been used as an excuse to close many of them, when arrangements could have been made to keep them open. A basic human right, I would have thought.

  6. Can not believe lichfield council one unisex toilet also one disabled toilet who on earth come up with this idea . How is this going to be sufficient with the amount of visitors lichfield get .

  7. Just two politically correct unisex cubicles for a whole bus station. How is this an improvement on what was there before? Very disappointing from LDC.

  8. Typical LDC, No brain thinking for a popular tourist city, could have looked at Cathedral, first class facilities.
    Who also moved city centre disabled out to Cross Keys – brilliant!!

  9. Good timing LDC. Just managed to sneak these in before the new legislation making it compulsory for Changing Places accessible toilets to be used in all public buildings and spaces. But given the council’s actions in recent weeksI’m sure it was all part of the cunning plan to effectively ostracise a large chunk of the population from entering the city centre.

    LDC is proving the most effective shield for the disabled, vulnerable, elderly and those with mobility issues. I bet Boris is delighted with your recent track record.

  10. 2 toilets in a bus station? An opportunity missed to provide a first class facility for locals and visitors. Imagine, for those arriving by a 52 seater coach visiting our city how long it will take for all of them to ‘go’. I for one would never use a unisex public toilet no matter how desperate I was. Most ladies and some gentlemen will know why.

  11. Pathetic provision of much needed toilets in Lichfield. We need separate toilets for male and female with an attendant. We welcome people to come here to all the events, it’s disgraceful we don’t cater for their needs and of course for those who live here.

  12. Disgusting lichfield council unisex toilets are a no no some men urinate where a female has to sit,should imagine those who designed the toilets wont be using them

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