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Lichfield and Burntwood residents are being asked to share their experiences of the coronavirus crisis by completing a COVID-19 survey.

The online research, run by Staffordshire County Council, aims to gather views about how the pandemic has impacted local people’s lives, and what has changed for them.

In addition the survey will also be used to let the county council know what Staffordshire’s communities and businesses need to recover.

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Cllr Alan White, leader of Staffordshire County Council, said:

“This survey is really important – although we know the impact that COVID-19 has had on some areas, for example businesses, we want to gain an insight into the social impact of the pandemic on local people, such as their everyday lives, work and leisure. 

“By capturing views on how the pandemic has affected them in their daily lives, we can ensure that when we are setting the right priorities for recovery.

“Therefore, I’d encourage everyone to fill in the survey and let us know how they have been affected.”

Cllr Alan White

The survey can be filled in at and will be available until 13th September.


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  1. Covid virus had a big effect on us. We are elderly and found it frightening that we could not get any help. It took about a month to sort things out.

  2. I’ll go one better!!
    We had secured food parcels as back up, as my hubby has leukaemia, And I was shielding
    We would have starved if not for our neighbour herself joining que after que to get us all through
    We are vegetarians
    Our food parcels were delivered but to our old address ???,
    The kind new owner had stored them until last but one which had a French stick peering through i then got a call saying what had occurred as she thought id know they were there
    So I arranged a food bank for Boating Community and donated it all, were emailed
    Spoke and the person said ill get someone to call
    We owe our most kind neighbour everything possible
    Thankyou again

  3. Pamela…I am astonished it took a month. Everyone I know helped their elderly neighbours.

    I can only hope it is not the past catching up with you.

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