Earth dug out from the site of a local canal is being used to prevent travellers returning to an area of land in Lichfield.

The recent unauthorised camp saw a group move on to land at Netherstowe.

But landowner Lichfield City Council has opted for an unusual way of preventing travellers from coming back to the site.

The mound being built. Picture: Paul Marshall

The Lichfield and Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust (LHCRT) are utilising 150 tonnes of soil from the site of the former canal along Tamworth Road to create an earth mound along a portion of the grassed area next to Handel Walk. 

The earth will then be seeded with a wildflower mix on one side and landscaped with shrubs on the other.

The city council will also plant an oak tree as part of the work designed by local planning and environmental consultancy, Pegasus Group.

A number of bollards are also due to be put in place.

Cllr Mark Warfield, leader of Lichfield City Council, said:

“The easy solution would have been to just install bollards across the site, but we wanted to do something more interesting and visually appealing. 

“Developed in consultation with both Curborough and Stowe ward councillors, this project aims to enhance the open space as a result of resident concerns and the desire to protect city council property as well as encouraging biodiversity. 

“It will take some time for the bund to settle in to the landscape and I hope that residents will bear with us as the seeds germinate and the planting develops.”

Cllr Mark Warfield

The initial creation of the mound is expected to be completed over the next two weeks.

Peter Buck, engineering director at LHCRT, added:

“This has been an interesting project that has come together very quickly in response to the concerns of local residents.

“The trust is pleased to be able to assist with this project and it is good to see the soil that we have excavated to form the canal being put to such good use.”

Peter Buck


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  1. It is astonishing the level of attention the canal gets from the council, there are a number of campaigns around Lichfield, including ours campaigning about speeding, who cannot even get a reply from Lichfield councillors never mind any action.

  2. I do hope that the council has applied for all the correct permissions for these works to take place including planning permission should it be required otherwise it could be viewed as fly tipping !

  3. Darryl – isn’t our MP chairman of the Commons Waterways committee or something grand like that? Maybe that is the link?

  4. Quite a good idea, but might be worth installing cctv just in case someone tries to steal the shrubs!
    Darryl, quite understand your frustration regarding speeding. We have 20 mph limit plus speed humps on our estate but it doesn’t deter them. Unfortunately a large majority are residents who break the law.

  5. That’s a strange response to the story, Darryl. The Canal Trust is providing a service for the City Council. Is there something wrong with that?

  6. Instead of campaigning about speeding (which is an ongoing widespread, never ending argument) campaign about spending tax payers money on more needy projects , permanent solutions : ie Law that no one can set up camp on any open land : End Of :

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