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A Lichfield councillor says the way A-Level results have been calculated has “hurt the life chances” of thousands of young people.

Results were sent out to students yesterday (13th August) after a year disrupted by the coronavirus crisis.

It meant many grades were downgraded for more than a third of students from those teachers had predicted.

Cllr Dave Robertson, Labour representative for Curborough ward, said he felt for those on the receiving end of the grading system.

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“Yesterday should have mark the day when two years of hard work pays off for thousands of young people across the country – for too many this has been overshadowed.

“Everyone who received results should be proud of themselves for achieving in this most unusual of years.

“The awarding of grades this year has hurt the life chances of thousands.

“The Government must act immediately to waive the fee for appeals and needs to act to correct any disproportionate impact on those from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

Cllr Dave Robertson

As well as ensuring the current situation is resolved, Cllr Robertson also called for assurances over the future of the education system.

“The Government and OFSTED also need to ensure that schools, academies and colleges particularly those serving disadvantaged intakes aren’t now subject to poorer inspections results due to the changes in grades.

“Local authorities, trusts and schools should also be working to make sure that teachers aren’t held responsible for decisions taken outside of their control.”

Cllr Dave Robertson


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. The algorithm used to moderate A level results was meant to prevent schools inflating their results. And yet independent schools saw their results improve more dramatically than state schools and the gap between the privileged few and the rest of us widened further. Funny how under a Tory government of Old Etonians, it is once again a win-win for the Tory elite and ordinary folks can “go whistle” …

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