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Land at Netherstowe

Hundreds of people have signed a petition to prevent housing being built on land in Lichfield.

The Curborough Action Group has launched an online petition over proposals for eight one-bedroom apartments on land near Netherstowe.

But a petition has now been launched by local residents who say the development should not go ahead.

Daniel Floyd, who started the petition, said:

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A planning notice at the site at Netherstowe

“Netherstowe field is an area for the residents of Curborough and Stowe to enjoy.

“This land should not be used to build housing of any kind on – not to mention the horse chestnut trees, which have a long history with local residents and should be retained.

“There is plenty of land in Lichfield which can be used for developments, this site should not be part of this.”

Daniel Floyd, Curborough Action Group

The land was previously owned by Lichfield District Council, but a report to the local authority in 2018 revealed that the site was one of two that had been earmarked for affordable housing by local provider Bromford.

“Bromford have produced a scheme proposing 14 units at Leyfields and eight units at Netherstowe.

“A pre-application process was also entered into by Bromford to identify any issues relating to development of the two sites.

“The major issue to be addressed is the loss of public open space – the implications of the loss will be dealt with as part of the planning application process.”

Report to Lichfield District Council in 2018


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  1. This land should be left as it is surely not every square inch of beauty should be removed. It is maintained well and would cause a dangerous area for roads to be created on an already busy junction with the Eastern avenue.

  2. Irony that both Bromford and LDC were involved in celebrating Leyfields and Netherstowe as green spaces In North Lichfield not so long ago. Shame on them both for what they are doing and having short memories

  3. This area was designated public open space I & my family have had unrestricted access since 1967 when the Netherstowe estate was built. The path was the original carriageway to the farm and is ancient. The path became the public right of way to the estate this remains true today despite the arrival of the cycle track which becomes flooded in winter. The footpath, trees and bushes became neglected a few years ago, obviously around the time of the sale.

  4. Surely there are better options than this eg: the old Windmill pub site has been an eyesore for years now and would be perfect for a housing development. I don’t know who currently owns it but why don’t the council take action? This is a beautiful area of nature in the middle of high volume housing, it must be left as it is for the locals to enjoy! I understand there is a need for more housing but Lichfield is getting too big and doesn’t have the infrastructure to support it.

  5. I live in a Bromford shared ownership house in Rugeley and to be honest can’t wait to get out they are small houses with small gardens and overloooked you have no privacy. Please leave the Green spaces we have left as they are instead of allowing these housing providers to be greedy and charge as much money as they want.

  6. A lot of the things that made Lichfield different and pleasant are being ripped away from us.

    Every bit of green space is being built on. Roads clogged and masses of pollution. Schools crowded. Hard to see a doctor. No swimming pool, …..

    Fabricant and the council are either unable or unwilling to stop the destruction of our once lovely city.

  7. Where were all the Lichfield residents when their lovely council dumped their housing allocations on land close to Tamworth. About time they actually started building in Lichfield rather than using Tamworth green belt to collect council tax to make Lichfield better. Don’t recall you petitioning when they did that? As long as it doesn’t affect you eh?

  8. No common sense seems to be used when Bromford and the council get involved in anything. The proposed site is small and on a green space used by many for recreational reasons. It has been the same for decades. Building for quotas that’s what this is and should be stopped at the first opportunity.

  9. Why bother with a petition? It’s going ahead if you like it or not. Even if the plans are put up for consultation they’ll be in a dark corner of their basement. It’s just how councils work.

  10. Public green spaces in Lichfield cannot be taken for granted, our communities need to be vigilant to try and protect these green lungs. In South Lichfield we’ve lost our public space, namely the Darwin Walk along the old canal. What was once Lichfield’s Green necklace has become it’s Crown of Thorns, & Lichfield itself is being sacrificed for the developers, whoever they are. Be careful your voice is heard clearly whilst the wheels of the planning process grind on.

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