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The headteacher of a Lichfield school says the A-Level results system has not created equality for all students.

More than a third of people receiving results across the UK this week saw their results downgraded from those predicted by teachers.

It came after traditional exams were unable to take place due to the coronavirus.

Matt Allman, headteacher of The Friary School in Lichfield, said the impact on some students should not be underestimated.

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“We are delighted in so many cases and it has been wonderful to talk to thrilled students and parents – but we also recognise exceptional families that fell victim to anomalies and discrepancies in these results.

“Any national algorithm is going to hit some individuals and subjects unfairly and no school will be untainted by this.

“We do not advocate A* for everyone, but we do support equality in opportunity – and it would be wrong to say this has taken place.”

Matt Allman

Despite disappointment for some, The Friary School still saw a number of high grades including:

  • Isabella Acton – A*, A*, A*, A*
  • Abigail Lowther – A*, A*, A, A
  • Anna Cooper – A*, A*, A
  • Nathan Spencer – A*, A, A, B
  • Katie Edwards – A*, A, A
  • Jack Wigley – A, A, A, B
  • Milly Bennet – A, A, B, A
  • Jack Farnworth – Dist*, A, B
  • Jasmine Brookes – A*, A, B
  • Felicity Carden – Dist, A*, B
  • Abigail Costiff – A, A, A
  • Olivia David – A, A, A
  • Holly Fry – A, A, B
  • Katie Hayward – A, A, B
  • Lewis Stanley – A, A, B

Assistant headteacher Carrie Cain said:

“We have been supporting our students with their university and apprenticeships and after wading through the busy UCAS lines, things have fallen in to place.

“Isabella Acton and Laila Sirag gained their Oxbridge places and we have students venturing across the UK, while others have secured places closer to home.

“The next generation of medics, engineers and lawyers will have Lichfield students leading the way.”

Carrie Cain


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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