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An artist’s impression of the new Boley Park store and car park

Work has begun on a new car park as part of a £3million redevelopment of a Lichfield supermarket.

Construction work has seen some of the existing bays at Central England Co-op on Boley Park taken out of service to allow for demolition of the car wash and reconfiguration of the current layout.

When completed, the work will see the creation of additional retail units and a gym, along with a revamped petrol station.

The new car park layout will include wider spaces, improved lighting and walkways, as well as a new car wash and electric vehicle charging points.

Store manager Jamie Joyce said:

“A major part of our £3 million revamp is to improve the car park for visitors.

We apologise for any inconvenience but want our customers and members to know it will all be worth it when they see the brand new car park with a better layout and wider spaces.”

Jamie Joyce, Central England Co-op

Work on the new store itself will start later this year, with work beginning on the additional units when this is completed.

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  1. Wow. What an underwhelming design. Did they not bother to employ an architect or did the work experience kid do the scheme. Terrible visual

  2. Still using the old fashioned parallel parking bays then. Why not use the more efficient herring bone style, drive straight in at one attempt, without having to wait for drivers two or three attempts at parking as space usually restricted. Reverse out easily and away.

  3. More development for Lichfield whilst Burntwood gets saddled with housing, social housing, more housing and very little else but potholes.

  4. Indeed CarlM, how dare a private business who own a supermarket in Lichfield decide to spend money on it rather than removing it brick by brick and placing it in Burntwood.

    Seriously, if you’re going to make these Burntwood v Lichfield comparisons, at least try and think about what you’re typing. Pot holes and housing have absolutely zero to do with what a private business decides to do.

  5. Underwhelming car park design, needs rethink fast. Lots of examples about of “herring bone” style which is miles better for even the largest vehicles. Coop can do better – hopefully

  6. Glossy having once laid out a car park on as drawing board to see if more cars could be fitted in in the end diagonal parking was abandoned for straight parking for better utilisation of the space

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