Michael Fabricant and Sue Woodward

A Burntwood councillor says Lichfield’s MP has made “an incredible u-turn” on the A-Level results controversy.

The Government has opted to return to teacher assessments for grading after controversy surrounding an algorithm which saw more than a third of pupils predicted results downgraded.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said after the reversal had been confirmed that the decision should have been made sooner.

“While I recognise and accept that Ofqual has said that university selectors are not content with teachers grading their own students because a minority of schools submit ‘implausibly high predicted grades’ – indeed, that is why we have to have exams in the first place in order to achieve a more accurate measure of A-Level performance – it has become clear that the algorithm used by Ofcom was seriously flawed. 

“No alternative to examination can be perfect, but Ofqual’s algorithm just did not work.”

Michael Fabricant MP

But Cllr Sue Woodward said those comments flew in the face of previous views where he had suggested schools and teachers decided grades was “absolutely no solution”.

“What an incredible u-turn – not just by education secretary Gavin Williamson but by the Lichfield MP.

“Why wasn’t he saying this, on behalf of local students and their families, a few days ago?

“Lichfield deserves better from their MP than a slavish toeing of the Conservative party line.”

Cllr Sue Woodward


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

7 replies on “Burntwood councillor says Lichfield MP has made “incredible u-turn” on A-Level controversy”

  1. I really don’t know if Cllr Woodward is actually surprised, but many of us in the constituency aren’t. Fabbo has constantly followed a particular line that happens to be government flavour of the day, and if a U-turn is performed, he promptly complies. We should not be fooled – EVERYTHING is publicised, which is his purpose, because the more you hear about him, the more you think he does – it’s a well-known phenomenon called ‘availability bias’, and is a well known tactic of media manipulation.

  2. Well said Sue. Mr Fabricant has joined the legions of Tories who seem to think they can flip flop their opinions to suit both the Govt and/or public opinion without anyone pulling them up on it.

  3. Fabbo has been quiet recently about exam results, surely he has an opinion on GCSE and BTEC results?? He isn’t a shrinking violet after all? Anyway, next week he can change his mind and face the other way.

  4. As I’ve said before, he ‘runs with the hare and hunts with the hounds’, and did a U-turn probably after using a dodgy brain algorithm.

  5. Fabricant is just a Mini Boris Johnson. Michael Fabricant has been nothing but useless to Lichfield for many years, and I wish he shut up an step aside for the benifit of us all.

  6. As annoying and useless as he is undoubtedly is, what’s even more annoying are those voting for him by dogma…”I vote Tory because……I….always……have…..” etc.

    Sad to say I have voted Tory in previous elections – but not once since living in Fabricant’s Lichfield.

    Speak volumes, doesn’t it?

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