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Police recording speeds in Shenstone

A crackdown on speeding drivers in Shenstone saw more than 60 motorists caught.

Staffordshire Police’s operation took place on the A5127 Birmingham Road yesterday (18th August).

The operation was carried out by the Staffordshire Police Road Policing Unit.

A spokesperson said:

“Over 60 motorists were caught in just over 90 minutes.”

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  1. Speeding on Birmingham Road is a serious problem, one which the council and Highways Agency continues to ignore, we’ve been grateful to the police for their attention recently, but this has come off the back of a very serious near-miss accident, with added pressure from residents. Since that accident, there has been evidence of another near miss when a car left the road at St John’s Hill, again, simply good luck that no one was killed or injured.

    You simply have to stand on Birmingham Road, during the aptly named “rush hour” to see cars speeding down this road, though speeding motorists can be seen anytime of they day.

    We need a permanent, fixed solution before the next person is killed, namely a section of average speed cameras, starting at Shenstone Woodend and finishing at the roundabout at the bottom of Pinfold Hill. We have support from Chris Pincher and Matthew Ellis, yet the council and Highways remain intransigent.

    The “we” I refer to in this comment is Shenstone Against Speeding, which is an evolution of residents who have been raising awareness of this problem for over 15 years. I’ve added our Facebook page as a link if anyone would like to join or know more.

  2. Speeding is a pandemic. It affects all roads and all residents.
    Too many seem to regard designated speed limits as an advisory at best, rather than the law for that stretch of road. Stand on any street in Lichfield at any given time of any given day and you will see speeding motorists.
    My tip is to stick to 30mph in 30mph zones and see how often you get tailgated by other motorists – male, female, old, young, with Kids on Board, with Little Princesses driving, speeders come in many different guises.
    I also live in Holland part of the year where there can be problems with speeding, but it tends to be a minority rather than the majority. It isn’t necessarily that speed limits are more rigorously enforced than in this country. The main reason is the culture of road users in Holland who tend to be more considerate, more aware, more careful, more respectful and just simply better drivers!

  3. So that will be more than 2 full house speed awareness courses at £80+ each . Great revenue for Staffs Police shame it cannot be used contribution to average speed cameras installation which would generate a lot of money on an annual basis

  4. All part of the deterioration in driving standards these days I’m afraid. I often wonder how some people pass a driving test, as things like competence and courtesy are not evident with so many drivers. It seems that the more drivers there are on the roads the worse the driving gets. It won’t end well unless the government does something about driving standards rather than having more and more protection built into cars to protect drivers against their own stupidity.

  5. Please someone answer this question. Is it legal use of a speed camera when the police are doing the camera work from inside of an unmarked car parked on the grass verge between residents own cars. No hi-vis being worn, no signage warning of a speed camera either on the car or pavement. Shocking tactics.

  6. We live in the service road on the Birmingham Road A5127 and in the last 16 years we have seen a huge increase in traffic, speeding, accidents, fatalities, air ambulance attendance all direct results of motorists who believe that the 30mph does not apply to them. As a village and community we have campaigned for many years always with unfulfilled promises from those in power who hold our lives in their hands. We are so very thankful that the traffic police have been here this week and caught significant numbers of speeding vehicles and drivers flashing other vehicles to alert them to the police presence. Could we narrow the road from Shenstone Wood End down to the island at Pinfold Hill. This works so well in other parts of the country. At the very least make the 30mph repeater signs start further back from the village. Its a dangerous situation and we need urgent help to get this sorted once and for all.

  7. This is normal where I live near Fulfen school and around Burntwood, especially towards Brownhills. The main offenders drive large 4x4s and are often young females.

  8. @P. Bishop. Why is it shocking? I’m genuinely confused by your outrage.

    By that token should CCTV footage of a burglary not be allowed as evidence if the burglar hasn’t had written notice of the presence of video surveillance equipment beforehand?

    Or is it just that you think it’s okay to speed if no-one is watching?

  9. P.Bishop – how fast did they catch you going?

    Hardly shocking tactics. What is shocking is the number of people who routinely break the speed limits and think it is unfair when they get caught. It is also shocking that your attitude is shared by so many others and that people believe this is merely a money-making exercise victimising poor unfortunate motorists.
    Breaking the speed limit is illegal.
    If you can’t do the time, don’t… be so arrogant as to think speed limits should not apply to you.

  10. Speeding on the Birmingham Rd in Lichfield is a joke, as it is over much of the town, even the police do it on a regular basis (no lights flashing) just doing what they do ( what ever that is), from waggons, vans, cars and huge tractors with trailers from a local farm the speed limit of 30 is completely ignored.
    The average using our own speed gun (we use this to check speeds in pitlanes at race circuits) is around 44mph highest recorded was a 68 (yes some of these muppets travel at these speeds).
    To make matters worse the traffic lights on the Birmingham Rd are regularly run through on a red light.
    All of this is fine and dandy for kids walking to school, cyclists and us poor sods who live here.

    Having spoken to our MP, local councillors and Highways absolutely nothing has been done.
    I cant tell you how angry it makes me that we are forgotten and ignored, hell safety just doesn’t matter and neither do we

  11. P Bishop – I don’t think Police should be dropping massive hints that speed cameras are in operation – what’s the point? In all my years of driving, I’ve never once knowingly sped, but if I had and was caught – it’s fair game. There is of course, one sure fire way of making sure you don’t get fined for speeding………

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