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One of the potholes on Weston Road

A councillor says he is pleased to hear that a “dreadful and dangerous” road in Lichfield is being repaired – but has insisted a short term fix isn’t enough.

Weston Road is due to be resurfaced next month after becoming pitted with potholes.

Cllr Paul Ray, Lib Dem representative for Chadsmead ward, welcomed the news – but said he hoped it would be more than a quick fix.

Cllr Paul Ray on Weston Road

“I have been pressuring Staffordshire Highways about the state of Weston Road.

“It is a very busy road in Lichfield, but is in a dreadful and dangerous state.

“I am pleased that they have agreed to resurface this road in September but I am concerned that the work will just be a short-term fix.

“The road is to be surface dressed, which highways say involves treating roads in ‘relatively good condition’.

“But anyone who uses or lives near this road knows that it is just not in a ‘relatively good condition’ – it is extremely worn and dangerous. “

Cllr Paul Ray

Cllr Ray said he had already spoken to the highways department about the planned repairs.

“Highways have acknowledged to me that the decision to surface dress rather than doing a full resurface is due to budget cuts over the years. 

“I am pleased that they have agreed to repair this busy road, but it’s just nonsense to do a short term fix on a road like this which is in such a poor and dangerous state of repair.

“We all know that it will cost more money in the long term.”

Cllr Paul Ray

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  1. Stafford roads look really good. Hence Staffordshire county council. However, Lichfields are abysmal. I’ve said this many times there are only two cities in Staffordshire. Stoke and Lichfield and Lichfield has been the forgotten city for many years. The council should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Last year windmill close had road repairs and we ended up with big puddles outside our house because the water can’t run to the drains. The company blocked the run off edge. I complained to highways and nothing was done. The road has just been spray and sprinkled but they couldn’t do anything about the bodge up outside our house they said it would need digging up. If this freezes in the winter can i come to you with a bill if i have an accident

  3. I think we can all name several roads in Lichfield that are in an appalling state, but nothing seems to be done about them. What about the stretch past Samuel Johnson hospital, or the pavement/cycle path from the island to Netherstowe? And isn’t it about time that the terrible practice of surface dressing was banned, a hazard to cyclists and motorcycles, not to mention damage to vehicle paintwork? Budget cuts don’t seem to apply to white elephants like HS2.

  4. John, the section outside the hospital, I complained about that when they resurfaced the road a few years ago. They left that section near the lights. The answer I got was that the surface on the lights was an anti skid surface and it was in Spec. Work that out!!

  5. That looks in far better condition that the A51 Tamworth Road around the Ryknild Street junction.

    Cars have been trying to dodge around the many holes for well over 12 months.

    Cricket Lane by Longbridge Road is repeatedly repaired, as the contractor does not do all the damaged areas when they visit each time.

    Amey is frankly taking the micky out of Staffordshire County Council, wasting our money by doing a poor job, and appear not to be properly managed. What warranty do they give on each repair?

    As for HS2, lovely new access roads to their compound from the A38, meanwhile Cappers Lane had more craters than the moon. HS2 had money to rip out the hedges next to Cappers Lane, but there is no money to actually keep the main highway in proper condition. 2% of journeys are by rail, over 90% by road. It appears money is being invested into the wrong areas for the 90%+ of the population.

  6. Thanks Roy. So, part of the spec is to be full of potholes? Interesting. Or perhaps it’s an alternative to speed bumps to slow traffic down? We don’t need speed bumps these days, the potholes do that job. Why don’t they use the tarmac that would have been used to fill in the flaming potholes?

  7. Despite the apalling state of so many roads in and around Lichfield, it doesn’t seem to stop motorists from speeding or driving like idiots!

    Surface dressing is a terrible way to resurface roads and tends to cause more problems. As a pedestrian, cyclist and motorist I detest surface dressing. It isn’t even a particukarly quick or cheap fix!

  8. Does anyone have information on the apparent disappearance of the contractors who were surface dressing the roads in North Lichfield? Weston Road is desperately in need of attention yet it seems to be the only road which hasn’t been done.

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