Campaigners say they won’t give up the battle to prevent a piece of land in Lichfield from being built on.

A petition with more than 1,100 names has been presented to Lichfield District Council over the green space at Netherstowe.

Land at Netherstowe

Proposals have been drawn up for eight one-bedroom apartments on the site.

The land was earmarked for sale along with a plot at Leyfields – but a report to Lichfield District Council’s cabinet next week says there has been “an anticipated delay in the sale” of both sites.

Daniel Floyd, who launched the petition against the Netherstowe development, said campaigners were keen to ensure the land was not used for housing.

“The sale of the triangle of land at Netherstowe was proposed back in 2018. 

“We now have over 1,000 signatures which will spare a cabinet officer to undergo a report.

“This is a step in the right direction. However, we will still have a fight on our hand when it goes to planning but will not stop until we are assured this land is not built on and is protected as public open space”

Daniel Floyd

Mr Floyd said that there were more suitable sites elsewhere in the city for housing.

“Netherstowe field is an area for the residents of Curborough and Stowe to enjoy.

“This land should not be used to build housing of any kind on – not to mention the horse chestnut trees, which have a long history with local residents and should be retained.

“There is plenty of land in Lichfield which can be used for developments, this site should not be part of this.”

Daniel Floyd


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

17 replies on “Campaigners ready to battle on to prevent housing being built on land in Lichfield”

  1. We can only hope that LDC takes note of this and prevents the destruction of this amenity. It’s about time that local councils listened to the residents they’re supposed to serve. Unfortunately LDC don’t have a very good track record on this.

  2. The horse chestnut is healthy and should not be touched. This is valuable green space and connects to foot and cycle paths. Any development of this space poses a health and safety risk at a road junction which is already dangerous. The pedestrian crossing is in the wrong place and poses a risk because of traffic accessing the public car park – it should be re-aligned with the cycle and pedestrian paths to the right of Tesco. Any development of this space will affect sight lines and spoil the area. Parking on the T junction is already a serious problem and an accident waiting to happen.

  3. Good points D.H. Unfortunately, LDC are not renowned for listening to common sense, or for that matter consulting with the people who will be affected by their decisions. I would urge everyone to sign this petition. You never know, they might realise how wrong this is if enough people point it out.

  4. I’ve signed this petition. Several old horse chestnut trees are under threat of damage or removal if houses are to be built on this site. There is also a danger that the increased traffic generated could worsen congestion in the area around Tesco Express and pose a safety issue for drivers and pedestrians, especially students walking to nearby Nether Stowe School.

    New housing should not come at the expense of the welfare of local residents or our precious few natural urban green spaces. Lichfield District Council would be wise to reconsider and examine other more suitable sites for new houses.

  5. Let’s see LDC at last listen to the people & communities, it can’t all be about building houses and LDC are renowned for approving!!! What’s the use in commenting on local plans when your opinions are overuled.

    Good luck with LDC, they won’t stop approving until they’ve turned Lichfield into another typical town/city, look at the real gem they could have had and a huge attraction for both residents and visits tor’s in Lichfield , the old cinema (they should have retained this as a unique feature instead of multi cinema….

  6. In the end it comes down to cash in the coffers. They need to reap back all the wasted tax payers money some how i.e. ‘Friarsgate’ being one example.

  7. @ A Mann – it’s not just about an increase in traffic. This is a plot of land that not long ago LDC were praising as an open space and good for the neighbourhood and should be preserved as such. How fickle LDC are.

  8. @ A Mann. If this is agreed. This would give developers future approval for every small patch of green space to be built on.

    They would argue. If this application has been allowed. Ours, must be allowed.

    I watched one of the council meetings, live last night (not due to being bored out of my brains. I was interested to see how it works).

    I found it interesting. Councillor Gwilt, made a point that local people and petitions should be listened to and that this is a good way of local people getting involved. I felt Councillor Eadie did not take the same point of view. He seemed quite dismissive of petitions.

    It does feel with a number of our representatives. The people are allowed to speak every 4 or 5 years during elections. They should not be heard from, until the next election.

  9. The commenters suggesting LDC listen to those who signed the petition….are you mad?? When has LDC EVER given a toss about what it’s taxpayers think!! “ If there’s space – build on it…..”, that appears to be its mantra….

    Lichfield City……future concrete jungle.

  10. @ Steve – ‘I felt Councillor Eadie did not take the same point of view. He seemed quite dismissive of petitions’.
    No surprise there then!

  11. I also watched the cabinet meeting on “you tube” last night, and I felt that Councillor Eadie was quite dismissive of a petition saying that you have to wait until an application has been made for any development, which really is saying you have to wait until the “Horse has bolted” by which time it is usually a done deal, and also as Councillor Eadie is the Deputy Leader of the Council, quite a worrying situation

  12. Eadie embodies all that’s wrong with LDC. Ignorant, arrogant, vacuous, and completely unable to take on board criticism that doesn’t fit in with his very blinkered view.

    Having lived in Lichfield for 17 years, and loved it, I now find myself looking to move out of the city altogether – which is entirely down to LDC’s appalling performance. Dare I mention Friarsgate? Dare I mention the conflicts reported of interest at LDC? Dare I mention the “don’t want babies on Zoom” comments? As an organisation that is allegedly meant to reflect the city it serves, LDC is quite simply not for for purpose. How many years is it now since Tempest Ford was kicked out of the Friarsgate site? And for what? How much more money has LDC spent on “advisors” to come up with a plan for the site? And for what? It’s STILL boarded up!!

    We need a wholesale change of LDC. I really rate Pullen, but the rest of them are, I hate to say it, self serving morons.

  13. We moved here to get away from a concrete city..
    Only to find a new one creeping up.
    Leave lichfield alone …. why oh why do the idiots in power not see it.

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