Lichfield’s MP says he will support a controversial Brexit Bill when it is debated in Parliament.

The United Kingdom Internal Market Bill has drawn criticism from some quarters for trying to over-ride the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Five former Prime Ministers are among those who have spoken out against the Bill.

But Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said he would support it during the debate today (14th September).

Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

The Conservative MP released a statement to clarify his position on the issue:

“The current negotiations focus on the future relationship between the UK and the EU which must be based on friendly cooperation between sovereign equals.  Yet the EU are now using the Northern Ireland Protocol to threaten to impose a food blockade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

“I believe this to be totally unacceptable.  This is why the Government is now introducing its United Kingdom Internal Market Bill  – to protect the people of Northern Ireland.

“The British people voted for Brexit – over 64% did so in the West Midlands – and this does not mean continuing to be subject to European Union Law nor surrendering British Territorial Waters to the EU – both of which are currently being demanded of the UK by the EU. It is the UK’s refusal to accept these terms which have given rise to the current threats to stop food transfers.

“The EU is currently facing major internal political and economic turmoil with strong withdrawal movements established in France, Italy, Sweden and elsewhere.  I sympathise. As a consequence, the EU is now trying to demonstrate to its member states that leaving the EU is not an option by taking an unreasonable line with the UK. I am not prepared to support this in any way.

“The United Kingdom Internal Market Bill establishes, in effect, its own “backstop” which will ensure that the Government is always able to deliver on its commitments to the people of Northern Ireland. This will protect the communities and the peace process in Northern Ireland from damaging default rules that neither the UK nor the EU should ever intend to use.

“The Northern Ireland Protocol was designed to ensure that the UK’s exit from the EU was consistent with the Belfast Agreement and respect the balance between different communities’ interests.

“Provisions in the UK Internal Market Bill will ensure, as that Protocol intended, that Northern Ireland is fully part of the UK customs territory by guaranteeing that goods moving within the UK will never pay EU tariffs. They will also ensure that Northern Ireland businesses have unfettered access to the rest of the UK, as per the Protocol, without any need for extra paperwork.

“Suggestions that this Bill goes against the rule of international law are arguable, as the Government will be pursuing this legislation through Parliament, as it would with any other piece of legislation, employing Section 38 of the Withdrawal Agreement which specifically upholds the principle of Parliamentary Sovereignty and recognises Parliament as the final arbiter of UK law.

“The Bill will not prevent the Government from complying with requirements in the Protocol. It simply ensures that ministers have the power to implement the Protocol in a way that doesn’t compromise the Belfast Agreement, which is itself part of international law.  The legislation, therefore, has my enthusiastic support as it helps keep the promise to the British people to abide by the decision made in the EU Referendum of 2016.

With regard to any extension to the transition period, which has been suggested by some, it would have damaging economic and political consequences for the UK. Our contribution to the EU budget would continue and we would remain under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. The UK left the EU in January this year and the EU’s control over our affairs must come to an end. Further delay would simply be kicking the can down the road and would not focus minds to conclude the negotiations.”


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  1. This argument that 64% in the West Midlands voted brexit is pointless – we’ve left the EU! I doubt 64% voted for no deal though.
    This govt won the election in large part due to the ‘oven ready deal’ proudly boasted by the PM as a great deal, he negotiated it. So what you’re saying is, the PM is a fool & doesn’t understand what he was talking about and that the election campaign with the oven ready deal in the manifesto was a sham.
    Electorate lied to, international laws broken, UK’s reputation in tatters…all for something we’ve already left.
    You’ve lost my entire tory voting family by the way, they can’t believe the utter shambles the govt has made of covid and feel used by the tories over brexit.
    History won’t be kind to those in power who break the law for their own ideology and self-interest. I doubt many countries will, either.

  2. I wrote to Mr Fabricant about this Bill.
    His reply, a rant about the people’s choice which in no way answers my email query to him.
    He’s useless, his office staff more so.
    Conservative Association please note, can you choose someone else next time, he’s too comfortable and out of touch

  3. I support my my Mike fabricant. He’s an exceptionally loyal MP, both to his party and his constituents. Stability is more important than wishy washy wobbling. Good on him

  4. John he can’t be loyal to party and his constituents as they are not all Tory,what you mean he is loyal to his party and his voters and all the others can go

  5. I have been a loyal supporter of Mr Fabricant as well, but all the qualities that prompted me to back him up to the hilt appear to have either disappeared completely or was always a bit of a smokescreen.
    My concerns were building anyway as he seemed to be supporting a No Deal Brexit – which is pure stupidity. But his performance during the pandemic has been shameful.
    He is out of touch with reality and the needs of ordinary people.
    More worrying is that he is out of touch with the Conservative Party I support and which he claims to represent. None of this current Government have offered anything remotely like the Conservative principles and values the grassroots want or support.

  6. If I have to choose between Mr Fabricant’s view and the Society of Conservative Lawyers then I choose the latter.
    “Upholding the rule of law is a fundamental principle of sound government, knowingly and deliberately breaching it is not.”

  7. I’m not sure John is aware that Fabricant is voting to support the repealing of a bill to which he voted for just last year.

    Oh, and to break international law, nice.

    Very stable indeed.

  8. I am new to Lichfield earlier this year and thank Lichfield Live for helping me get to know the city.
    I am concerned about the utterings of our MP who seems to speak nonsense and contradict himself. He seems to blindly follow government policy even when it is announcing the latest u-turn. Does he not process information and put it into a context? If my pupils acted in this way, they would fail their exams as there is little or no data or logic to support their argument. How long has this man been the MP for Lichfield and who votes for him? Even though I have voted Tory in the past, it was for someone who spoke their mind and had the interests of constituents at heart. I do not see it with Mr Fabricant. Sorry but he does not get my vote.
    I also believe that he does not have a constituency office or regular surgery – you cannot get to know the electorate without meeting them and being available to help them. I don’t think being on-line or tweeting satisfies the needs. Perhaps he could explain to me what he has done for Lichfield since the last election.

  9. Mr Fabricant’s rant about the “people’s choice” is disingenuous at best and a lie at worst. The Leave vote amounted to 37% of the electorate. The remaining 63% chose to maintain the status quo, either by actively voting to remain or by not voting to Leave. In recent opinion polls, the number who wish to remain/rejoin is now a clear majority, much more decisive than the 48/52 split in 2016. The same is true throughout Europe, despite Mr Fabricant’s claims to the contrary (though facts never stand in the way of a lemming rushing at full speed over the cliff edge).
    In any event, “no deal” was never presented as the desirable option. The words of the Conservative Leave contingent, of which Mr Fabricant is a proud member, are on record as saying that a no deal Brexit was not on the cards, and was extremely unlikely.
    As to the matter of international law, all five living former Prime Ministers have condemned this move by the current government, along with several former ministers and AGs. If Mr Fabricant knows so much more about international law than they do, he should be putting his case clearly to the public instead of parroting (as always) the dubious points put out by the government, and singing “Rule Britannia” in Zoom meetings, an action that was greeted with derision by members of his own party.
    As mentioned elsewhere, are we to assume that Mr Fabricant did not read the WA before voting for it (with glee, after his childish gloating on Twitter at having defeated May’s almost identical WA)? Or that he did read it and did not understand it? Or that he read and understood it, knowing that the intention was to go back on the UK’s word?
    Still, I suppose we should applaud Mr Fabricant for his work in seeking to protect Lichfield’s territorial waters and its fishing industry. Even so, I shall not be voting for him should he decide to stand again as our parliamentary representative.

  10. I hope that we have a different MP at the next election, Conservative Association please note. Fabricant has passed both his Use By and Best Before labels.
    People of Lichfield deserve better

  11. What Brexiteers like Fabricant want is a hard border all around Fortress Britain, including between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. And, of course, they want to then blame the existence of the hard border on the EU. Hence the new UK Internal Market Bill which will ultimately force the EU to introduce checks at the border with Northern Ireland in order to protect the Single Market, especially once we are accepting the kind of substandard produce the USA is planning to flood the UK market with. All of this bodes ill for peace on the island of Ireland.

    Clearly undermining peace and the rule of law are both considered a price worth paying in order to forge ahead with Fabricant’s vision of a far right Brexit based on nationalism and xenophobia. The original 6 members of the EEC first founded the organisation in order to combat nationalism and fascism and establish a lasting peace in Europe. How ironic that it is now the UK that poses the biggest threat to peace in Europe with its extremist, far right Brexit ideology and hate-fuelled anti-EU propaganda. Have we forgotten what happened in Germany in the 1930’s when the population was subjected to a barrage of propaganda and lies in order to stir up nationalism and hate leading to crimes against humanity and a world war? It seems Fabricant has.

  12. Watch out Lichfield, I will now be breaking the law every day, deciding by dice roll which law I will choose to disobey each day of the week. Except Sundays as we are god-fearing people of good standing. My first target could either be the local what could get me further shop or the changing tack dependent upon what suits us best shop.

  13. @Clare Sholl: I couldn’t have put it better myself. The pathetic attempts to vilify the EU and explain why this obvious outcome of the WA must now be legislated against insult our intelligence. It is absurd that the likes of Mr Fabricant are acting as if the WA wasn’t the ‘superb deal for Britain’ or ‘oven ready’ deal that they themselves forced through Parliament without the opportunity for proper scrutiny. The contempt for the ordinary people of the country is breathtaking. This will be remembered next time we vote.

  14. It’s clear ministers who supported legislation that breaks international law are in breach of their obligations under the ministerial code.

  15. Seems like UK Govt is rolling back a bit, following the pathetic display by Raab to try & lie for Johnson in the US. They’re having none of it, Rep or Dem, US special relationship always with Rep of Ireland not UK.
    Why oh why, can’t people here just wake up – Johnson won the election with his’oven-ready-deal’, now he says it’s a disgrace…he promoted it. He’s the utter idiot. Our MP appears to be one of Johnson’s ‘useful idiots’, no. He voted to break int’l law.
    If you support brexit good luck to ya, in which case why cheese off the biggest potential trade-deal you could get? Madness.
    Meanwhile…useless covid test system in England whilst cases rise-who could have foreseen this, honestly.
    If you support this govt, really,stop letting them take you for mugs.That’s what they’re doing. Divide and conquer whilst grouse shooting, eh. Wake Up!

  16. Tory members who are decent people should not just be ashamed but levering out this odious man. He represents the worst type of MP, and does not represent his constituents. I have no objection to democratic elections voting in a Tory, as long as they are humble, honest and servants of all their constituents, not sycophantic, rude and an affront to decency.

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