A report says a new leisure centre site in Lichfield could help to create a “sports campus” facility.

Lichfield District Council has put forward Stychbrook Park as the preferred location for a replacement for Friary Grange Leisure Centre.

A report to a an overview and scrutiny committee meeting next week has given a first look at a possible layout for the site.

The example layout for the new leisure centre at Stychbrook Park. Picture: Lichfield District Council

As well as car parking and the main building, the example layout for the new location include a sports pitch – one less than the two that currently occupy the park.

The report said:

“It has a history of use as a sports and recreation site.

“At 3.47 hectares is is a large site, lessening the impact on surrounding housing.

“As can be seen from the illustration, the majority of the public open space would remain.

“The new centre would have synergy with existing outdoor pitch provision, giving the potential for a ‘sports campus’ style offer.”

Lichfield District Council report on plan for new leisure centre

A number of other locations across the city were ruled out, the report reveals.

There had been calls for a leisure centre to form part of the Birmingham Road redevelopment, but the document says such a facility would take up the entire site.

Stychbrook Park. Picture: Google Streetview

The council said once the Stychbrook Park site is confirmed as the preferred location, residents would be able to have their say.

“Assuming site surveys do not indicate problems, officers would bring forward an application for outline planning permission which would test suitability in local, strategic and policy terms and engage with the local community.”

Lichfield District Council report on plan for new leisure centre


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6 replies on “Report says “sports campus” facility could be created if new leisure centre is built at park in Lichfield”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with Friary grange leisure Centre that some investment couldn’t improve. It has far better access than Curborough Road. By necessity the car parking will be flood lit at night, which will have a major, negative impact, on the quality of life for those people whose houses overlook this green space. It is a green space, it is heavily used by walkers, joggers, golfers, dog walkers, kite flyers etc. who don’t have to pay anything for the privilage of using it. A Leisure Centre costs as soon as you walk through the door. If you want a better location that is accessible to all, use the huge area of land in the centre of Lichfield that, at present, has an eyesore of temporary boarding around it. That will help to bring life back to the City centre as people will use the leisure centre and then visit a cafe or bar etc after their exercise.

  2. Another green lung in the most deprived area in Lichfield to be lost. The wood was planted by volunteers, yesteryears school children. The junction to Eastern Avenue is a nightmare and there are high traffic speeds despite 20 mph zone. Parking is on both sides of the road on verges and footpaths and on match days can be an issue. The fields are well used and have been well used in the present crisis. Yes it is in the Forest of Mercia and there are better and more sustainable option sites.

  3. Improve Friary Grange first as Freedom Leisure are supposed to be doing in Stafford – delayed by CVD. They committed to spending £6.4m [ a lot of money to get a contract] improving Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford Castle, & Izaac Walton Cottage. Why cant they be “encouraged” in Lichfield?

  4. This will be a convenient, accessible site for all Lichfield residents. We all need a functioning leisure centre and this decision, supported by all parties is a good compromise in the interests of the broader population.

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