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Lichfield RUFC has confirmed a participant in a touch rugby session has tested positive for coronavirus.

The Cooke Fields club said the individual also used the clubhouse bar after the session on 14th September.

The previous day, the same person and a member of their family had also taken part in mini-junior rugby sessions the previous day, the club said.

The club said other players in the sessions would not have to self-isolate at this stage.

“With regards to the playing activities, the RFU guidance says that in the case where a player tests positive, providing all rugby activities that the player participated in were within RFU Return to Community Rugby guidelines, then there is no requirement for other players to self-isolate.

“This is because the activity took place outside and hand and equipment sanitising occurred.”

Lichfield RUFC spokesperson

Lichfield RUFC has also sought advice on the issue of the individuals using the bar area.

“As a club what have sought guidance from Lichfield District Council – given the measures we have taken in the clubhouse to make this COVID-secure, there is a low risk of transmission between different groups who are outside enjoying a drink.

“As a club, we would recommend that if you were at either of these sessions you should monitor yourself and others in your household for COVID-19 symptoms.

“We would assure you that Lichfield RUFC is and will keep following the most up to date guidance from both the RFU and Public Health England, while doing all it can to keep you and your families safe.”

Lichfield RUFC spokesperson

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  1. Crazy to think this actually went ahead in the first place? The infection rate has been rising for the last 2 weeks. Just because the rules technically allowed this, doesn’t mean it was a good idea!?!

    What fool at LRFC thought this was a good idea? Cretins.

  2. I wonder if the club has been running a number of training sessions at the same time across their 4 pitches, as I saw the car park completely full a few times in recent weeks…that’s not many relatives doing drop offs, that’s a lot people pitch side standing, socializing too. Or maybe they were all in the bar?

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