Land in Fradley has been earmarked for 115 new homes.

A planning application for the site near Horner Avenue has been submitted to Lichfield District Council.

The proposed layout of the new homes in Fradley

If approved, the land would see a mix of one, two, three and four bedroom properties build.

Of the 115 properties earmarked for the site, around 35% would be classified as affordable housing.

“The site is an inherently sustainable location, benefiting from close connections with the existing residential areas within Fradley and Fradley South, and seeks to provide a sensitively designed, high quality housing development which integrates with existing communities and local facilities.”

Planning statement

The land is currently an arable field near to the A38.

The developers say the location is well positioned for housing.

“The site lies adjacent to the residential village of Fradley South. – it is located some 300m south of the original village of Fradley.

“St Stephen’s Primary School is located within a 10 to 15 minute walk of the site.

“Lichfield, a 10 minute drive away, is a ‘destination’ city with cultural and heritage attractions.

“The city boasts a vibrant night time economy with a large number of independent eating and drinking outlets in addition to a wide range of shops.”

Planning statement

Full details of the plans can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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12 replies on “Developers submit application for 115 new homes on land in Fradley”

  1. The access for this new site is ridiculous, a small Cul-de-sac with barely enough room for two cars side by side and a 90 degree turn at the end which is recklessly thought out at best… take the huge Oak tree that is making way for traffic that houses bats, some of which are now dead on my garden. I think something is not right.

  2. Fails to mention the entirely inappropriate access routes, and the fact they currently have no agreement for construction traffic to enter. In fact the plans merely state they are in talks with the shell and adult store to use there land as access, a request that has already been denied once.

  3. The development will make life impossible for the residents of Horner Avenue. No large vehicles can navigate the narrow roads so a constant convoy of small construction lorries will be needed to bring in materials for the building site. The District Council couldn’t possibly support such a dangerous situation. Cllr Cross, vice chair of LDC, has declared his opposition to the development if the builders have to use Horner Avenue for deliveries. He has told residents that he is and always has been against this possibility. Derick, the residents of the whole of Fradley stand behind you in your crusade.

  4. No mention of the extremely dangerous access routes! There are currently 4 developments that are currently in construction in Fradley. No waiting to see the impact of all those new houses before they’re applying to build more!

  5. Dustbin lorries and deliveries truck currently mount curb outside my property as they can’t navigate corner on ward close. Local school is already at maximum capacity. Another 300 homes have been added to phase 2 of the bellway estate. Front doors opening onto a busy road which once was a quiet cul de sac. If this goes ahead then there will be a serious accident Waiting to happen, blood is on your hands LDC!!

  6. As my valid comments and thoughts keep getting removed I will reword it as not to offend LDC. If this development goes ahead with planned access routes, It will only be a matter of time until there is a serious fatal accident. I hope the people on the council consider this and the consequences before accepting such a outrageous proposal.

  7. The site has a long history as an employment allocation. The site forms part (albeit a small part) of a wider ‘existing employment area’ (known as Fradley Park).

    However, the site cannot be reasonably released for employment through access from the adjoining employment areas to the north and west. This would not be possible due to land ownership and how the adjacent employment land has been developed – as a result, this parcel of land has, in effect, been left behind, with the adjacent employment land turning its back on the site. Access from the A38 which runs along the site’s south-eastern boundary would be technically challenging; meaning, that the only way into the site is via the existing housing areas to the north (via extensions off Horner Avenue and Ward Close), which would be wholly inappropriate for the traffic associated with employment uses.

    PDR Planning has recently prepared and submitted a detailed planning application for 115 dwellings on the site.

  8. The attitude of the developers has been cavalier throughout. The whole development process has been characterised by misinformation which has caused distress to local residents and accusations of bullying behaviour in regard to district councillors. The developers have shown no sense of empathy towards the people of Fradley. The application claims that only a few objections were received when the Parish Council alone received nearly 50.

    This is a massively unpopular development which runs rough over local residents.

    The site is unsuitable and wild life has been threatened. Who would want to live on an estate which is so noisy that windows need to be sealed shut?

    How would you feel if your peaceful cul de sac became the route for countless contractors lorries as the materials for 115 houses was transported less than 4 metres from your front door?

    If ever there was a time to take a stand – now’s that time.

  9. The access via Horner Avenue and Ward Close is already strained, due to poor road planning of the current estate. The right angled corner from Rogerson Road to Ward Close is simply impassable by construction traffic and cannot take more resident vehicles, it will become a road block. It is inevitable that there would be damage to property, vehicles and maybe worse with poor or no access for emergency vehicles.

    This development offers nothing for Fradley and only serves to further hamper access and infrastructure.

    There is a huge amount of development already in Fradley, removing much of the accessible green space and significantly changing the characteristics of the village. Most of this the residents have given blessing to, no one is denying houses need to be built, but this development is sheer greed.

  10. Ok the land cannot be used for employment? It’s been left behind. Then it’s ideal to be used for recreation. Let’s use it as a peaceful garden, young person’s play area similar to that at Streethay.

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