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Lichfield and Burntwood’s MP has warned that further coronavirus restrictions could be introduced if people do not follow the new rules.

Michael Fabricant

The Prime Minister has announced a raft of new measures designed to halt the spread of COVID-19.

They include a 10pm curfew for pubs and a restriction on the number of people who can attend weddings.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said that while the steps – which also include asking office workers to stay home if they can – were short of a full lockdown, the actions of people now could impact on how the pandemic is managed in future.

“It is more important than ever that we all abide by the rule of six, wash our hands regularly, and wear face masks in enclosed areas to protect others including shop workers who must also now wear face masks. 

“And, if you are an office worker and you can work from home, do so. Otherwise continue working at your workplace provided protection is in place.

“But this is not a return to full lockdown. If, however, these instructions are ignored and the reinfection rate remains above 1 which means the pandemic is continuing to spread, further restrictions will have to be introduced.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Mr Fabricant said the Government was trying to manage a tough balancing act when it came to COVID-19 restrictions.

“It has been important to react to the spread of the virus –  those testing positive have quadrupled over the last month.

“However, some people are telling me these restrictions are going too far – I say the Government has had to balance the need to protect lives with having to protect individual liberties in a democracy.

“Still others have criticised the Government for not imposing tough enough restrictions at the very start of the pandemic, although those countries which acted faster than us initially are now experiencing a second wave more severe than our own.

“If the Government had now done nothing, it would have been rightly blamed for endangering lives.

“As the pandemic ebbs and flows and international understanding of COVID-19 increases, there will be further changes to the rules.  This is happening in other nations throughout Europe and elsewhere. 

“The balance the Government has now struck on these controls would always be criticised by some, for either being too liberal or too severe.

“It will only be after the pandemic has ended that an objective judgement can be made of how the nation coped with this once in a 100 year pandemic.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. So can we follow the rules the way Mr Cummings did during Lockdown 1? Or should we apply the Conservstive Party attitude to international law when considering whether to follow the guidelines?
    Asking for a friend.

  2. Me Fabricant thank you for your useless and patronising statement. Are you going to be giving the same advice to Mr Cummings? How about your colleague who was on the front page of one of the papers today without a mask on a train? Also what about the shambolic testing system? No you would rather tell us what we have to do and conveniently forget that you are an elected representative of the good citizens of Lichfield and threaten us all if we don’t comply. We all recognise that we need to take precautions but please spare us worthless statements and veiled threats.

  3. Not interested in your views Michael as you only ever spout government propaganda. Think for yourself and then comment something original.
    How do you respond to the planning applications to build on green spaces in Lichfield?

  4. Last week I was told I needed to stop shirking at home & get back into the office, today I must not go back to the office.
    Now I can go to the pub before 10pm because, presumably, the virus goes to bed then, how ridiculous.
    Govt has lost the plot, these measures are hopeless and won’t halt the virus. Yet, the electorate is somehow to be blamed.
    Mr Fabricant I think we’ll all just use our dollops of British common sense and get on with life how we see fit, despite the dreadful incompetent govt.
    While we’re at it, why did you vote to break international law?

  5. No masks, masks, no masks if you are in a pub 1m away, unless you are shopping then 2m with a mask unless you are outside in a group of less than 30, no wait 6, if you are in a house with bubbles and the kids are at school in a bubble of 200. Hands, face, space and stay at home, get back to work its killing the economy, stay at home you are going to kill people, thousands dead, get tested, track and trace but only if you have symptoms and can drive to Leeds for a £100bn moon shot test. This is all YOUR fault!!
    When this is done and dusted in 100 years time, historians will marvel at this governments double standards and inability to find its arse from its elbow, how it let a SPAD like Cummings run the country from the shadows on Russian money, and turned us into a breaker of our very own laws.
    But carry on warning your constituents with the party line Michael, I’m sure history will be kind to you.

  6. So I can go to one house as long as there are only six in attendance then on to another providing there are only six present
    Oh the thought that went in to that ,must have burst a blood vessel .

  7. No doubt anyone breaking the rules in Lichfield would follow Mr Fabricant’s party in only doing so in a very specific and limited way.

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