Land at Netherstowe
The land at Netherstowe

A formal planning application has been submitted for a development on green space in Lichfield.

Bromford is hoping to build eight one-bedroom apartments on the site at Netherstowe.

A petition was launched when the proposals first emerged, but a formal planning application has now gone forward to Lichfield District Council.

In a statement, Bromford said that the site was appropriate for the creation of the new properties.

“The proposed development will the result in the loss of an area of public amenity space.

“The site is a poorly performing site and is considered to be surplus to requirement in the area with a significant amount of better, more useable open space in the area.

“Development is proposed so that existing trees on the site can be incorporated within the development.”

Planning statement
An artist’s impression of the properties

The apartments planned are being earmarked as affordable, with Bromford saying the need for such properties in Lichfield should not be underestimated.

“The most recent Lichfield District Council report demonstrates that since 2005, it has delivered just 710 affordable homes.

“Over this 14 year period this equates to an average of 51 affordable homes per annum and equates to just 14% of overall housing completions across the period.

“It is clear from the figures above that the affordable housing needs across the district are a long way from being met and therefore the provision of affordable housing should be an absolute priority.”

Planning statement

Full details of the proposals can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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5 replies on “Planning application submitted for apartments on green space in Lichfield”

  1. Can we expect LDC to take any notice of residents wishes, or just plough on regardless and grant this application, as they usually do?

  2. These big developers need to stop building in the city and open spaces surely there’s other places they could put these developments without loosing our heritage they should not be able to get just what they want because there a big company and got the power and money to do it with like when little people are tempted by money because it’s so tempting my farther is recently deceased and when he died I’m still in shock even now but not because of me loosing him but all the red tap and burocassy you have to go through it’s heartbreaking and the first things to go will be the property they own whether it’s stocks and shares or property everything is up for grabs like my farthers property big developer’s are good at tempting you with there money because they make a lot of moey out of it that’s why This house is in the middle of lichfiel my farther was 96 when he died and it’s been in our family for years it’s so sad it has to go out of the family I went to live there first about 6 or 8 years old I’m 66 now myself t was grand dads first and then it went to my grand mother who sold it to us so you see it has some good found numerous but I’m afraid not everyone feels that way and when developers want to step in just because they see £ signs for them and we know a lot of them have people on there side people like the council that think what they think is good for us is the same way we do like I said earlier why can’t they build some where else and leave things alone like our identities and heritage pretty soon well have nothing left because of greed one day will we see places like the cathedral go will we loose our monarch when will it end I’ve never had money my farther saved and invested his money from our family run business and I still can’t invisualize having all that money in my hands tell you the truth I wouldn’t even know what to do with it all I wanted was to see my farther reach a 100 but he never did all I see is vultures after all they can get whether it’s the government council taxman property developers they are not going what we want but what they want it’s so sad it would make people like Simon du montfort and Winston Churchill turn in their graves anyone who fought for this country and for the people why are we letting this happen why are we so week that we can’t do anything about them as you can tell I’m deeply hurt by this about people with a lot of money should not be able to trample over the little man or woman for that the tax man is the worst he taxes everyone and then he’s not satisfied even after death iht and then again it includes things like corporation tax capital gains tax and my farther fought for this country as did my mother and this is what happens when we die just because of we worked hard saved and went without my farther I remember had a coat wthout buttons and tied it with a piece of string doesn’t that say a lot for you I sympathize and agree with the campaign as I don’t want to see sandford street be developed in any way or form specially be pulled down it’s on the internet as a place of local interest even part of the back wall is listed but that won’t matter to the developers only me it’s easy to trample all over me because I’m one of the little people literally I’m just 4ft 8inches tall but I know how to talk I didn’t do speaking of verse and prose at a private school I only went to one because when I went to infants my twin sisters would leave that year I was fine at first but when they left I was bullied terribly and dragged round the play ground because my mother sent me to school in a while pletted skirt and jumper and my initials GB in red the next morning I was shivering at the school gates and would not want to go to school it was lucky for me that my family were just getting better off because the business was doing better so she sent me to private school when my farther started his business he opened it with just a few wooden boxes but someone who worked for us built a table top to put the fruit and veg on and underneath they put me rapped up and comfy like underneath while they worked but never did me any harm they bought the shop when I was a baby so things were hard at first unfortunately as time went by we went to lock the shop up and couldn’t close the door the wall above was bellowing we were lucky at the time we had a friend of our brother’s stopping with us so he was an architect and looked at the plans and sad if left how many feet high and build up we did not need planning permissions dad bought reclaimed bricks and built single story not like previously three story it’s still standing today bbut does not belong to us anymore because it was at at a time of infection and we just ran the market instead I even sold off the side of a lorry with dad bfore but he decided the market was it and I’m even in the lichfield mercury selling off the side of the stall standing with a blizzard coming at me in the face but we still had our regular customers support us yes those were the days many more things I can tell you but I could go on and on I just hope that if more people tell their stories it will stop things like this from happening why can’t we it happened with the magnecartner.

  3. This goes beyond just developers lets get together and stop it happening to us Thank you if you read this and sorry for any spelling mistakes

  4. Yet another pathetic reason to squish some more houses into Lichfield and I’m fed up of hearing ‘affordable housing’. The last few builds have not been IMO

  5. Why Lichfield, why us?
    I commute to Walsall daily, and en-route through the built up west midlands I see perfect brownfield sites ideal for such developments.
    There are plenty of opportunities for developers to buy and build on land south of the A5.
    There has been enough done to this fine city already.
    There are simply no excuses for this scheme to even reach the stage it is at.

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