The MP for Lichfield and Burntwood has urged people to download a new app designed to help tackle the spread of coronavirus.

The new NHS QR code app will allow people to check-in at certain business premises.

The data then allows easier tracing of people who have been in contact with those who test positive for COVID-19.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant said it was crucial that people downloaded the app to help in the fight against coronavirus.

“With COVID-19 spreading rapidly throughout the Midlands – including Lichfield and Burntwood – now is the time to download the app.

“No personal data is stored centrally so ‘Big Brother’ won’t be able to track your movements.

“But the app will tell you if you have been in close proximity to someone who has COVID-19 and will also provide other, more general information regarding regulations, what the level of infection is in your postcode area, and enable you to check-in easily to venues using the inbuilt QR code scanner.

“With fines having been increased for not wearing a facemask and not self-isolating when required to do so, the app is particularly useful.”

Michael Fabricant MP


Founder of Lichfield Live and editor of the site.

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  1. Where are the figures for cases of COVID in Burntwood? You can’t state here that they are rapidly rising in both Lichfield & Burntwood with no data??

  2. Two things
    It’s not an NHS app it’s Serco & private companies who’ve developed this app.

    It apparently doesn’t pick up a third of positive test results, can this be clarified as it doesn’t give great confidence to be honest.

  3. Well said Fabbo!

    By the way, have you undertaken the ‘unconscious bias’ training at Parliament yet? I read that 40 or so Tory MP’s were refusing to do it, are you one of them? I have a private wager with myself and would love to know which side of my personality has won .

    I don’t suppose you will respond to a genuine question from a constituent though as you seldom engage with them unless they are elderly and obviously a supporter.

  4. Some pubs and restaurants have their own system,I have the NHS one and in a cafe I was trying out the system to be told it is not the NHS one,I asked if it connected to it and was told no. Useless

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