The land off Leyfields earmarked for new housing

Plans have been drawn up for 16 new homes to be built on land in Lichfield.

The application has been submitted to build on land at the rear of properties on Leyfields, Curborough Road and Dimbles Hill.

Housing provider Bromford says it hopes to build on the site, which it says has “been deemed surplus by the landowners Lichfield District Council”.

The new properties would be earmarked as affordable, with a planning statement saying the homes would help with a shortage in the supply of such homes in Lichfield.

An artist’s impression of the new properties that could be built on land off Leyfields

“The scale of the development proposed is suitable for the site and surrounding area and granting permission for the application proposals would make a contribution to the overall supply and backlog in affordable housing across the district.

“The fact that the applicant is a registered provider means that there is an assurance that the housing units will be retained as affordable in perpetuity.

“The weight to be attached to the provision of 16 no. additional affordable housing units on the site is substantial.”

Planning statement

The planning statement added that the loss of the land – which is currently green space – would not be a major issue.

“It is demonstrated that the area benefits from high levels of open space provision in the immediate area, including natural and semi-natural green space, equipped play areas, allotments, water spaces and playing fields.”

Planning statement

But one resident living nearby has already objected to the plans, saying the land was well used by local children.

“It is a park and communal area for all local residents and is used by locals and dog lovers.”

Letter of objection from a local resident

Full details of the proposals can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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  1. Seems things change to suit.
    It may have been a few years back but LDC and as was Bromford (Homezone ) happy to be involved in making community open spaces better for local people . Just googled Leyfields and Breathing Spaces fund

  2. Hope my comment doesnt get removed again by Lichfield Live’s own Tight Rope Rules.

    I grew up in lichfield, im 29 an lived here all my life. I grew up playin football, rugby and so on. Alsorts of games with cousins and friends on that field. Mind you that did slow down with kids useing the field. As two nearby neighnours to the field, got the lottery fund at tryin to turn the field into a secret garden. Vandals trashed it, an ever since its not been maintained by the Lichfield Council. All these new housing proposals all seem to be hitting, long lasting green spaces ive known since a child. I will NOT see them go, if the council has a black hole in its budget then tighten your own belt LDC. You splash thousands on a single chair for posh offices which most only survive on a year.

  3. If we lose this green space, let’s just remember it will be forever. I understand about the need for “affordable housing” but surely there must be a better location. Firstly, this will be a nightmare for the residents bordering on this green space during the construction phase and once completed, everyone in that area will be living in each other’s living rooms. Also how are the construction vehicles going to gain access? When residents park in the road, as their want, construction vehicles are not going to be able to gain access without a lot of disruption/inconvenience. Secondly, as parking is at a premium on the surrounding roads, I pity the local residents as there will be an additional strain on already over-burdened local roads if these sixteen households have vehicles. Finally, as a dog owner of a disabled animal, it is the only area I can get to in order to let him have a little run around without driving to and increasing local pollution. A little common sense has to prevail and render this scheme as, not unnecessary, but unviable. After this where is the next green space going to be lost to the people on the North side of Lichfield? I can guarantee this sort of development would never be considered in the South. Elected officials please be aware.

  4. Its about time for us to say no to these big developers and mean it and the council aswell. It might be surplus to them but not to use. I mean my late farthers house has to be sold because of probate and we can’t afford it. But because its right in the centre of lichfield there after it for developement. Where I’d rather sell for less and let someone live in it as a family. All so its on the net to say its of local interest and part of the wall at the back is protected. At the end of the day this is where greed comes into the play. Money always win if we don’t do something like saying no to them

  5. John
    Could you expand on your comparison between North and South Lichfield, I live in South Lichfield and often object to any plans that will use up green land wherever it is in Lichfield.

  6. Quite clearly we are not as good as you THINK you are, a one line sentence!!
    their are people who do struggle for whatever reason, but at least they are trying to put a view over, without being critical of other folk

  7. To build on this land which has been ‘deemed surplus’ would be a sad loss to those who appreciate its importance to local residents. It was developed into the Secret Garden with funding from the BBC’s Breathing Places initiative and the LDC’s Community Pride Prize. Trees and shrubs were planted to benefit residents and wildlife. It has developed into an important place for children, dog owners and all those who like to just pass through. Yes, there are other areas in Lichfield further away but I feel that it would be a ‘major issue’ to lose this valuable and irreplaceable resource for ever.

  8. There was another site in Lichfield which was cultivated for the bbc programme with much publicity which I believe is now neglected. Hope this one doesn’t go same way.
    As for so called affordable housing, at what price? Were not some of those built on eastern Avenue affordable, £250,000+ !
    To help young people get on the housing ladder they should be building 2/3 storey one bedroom flats. Get more in same space and a proper affordable price.

  9. It would be sad to see the back field of number 28 leyfields being built on I have my best memories from back in 1969 number 28 leyfields was my wife Jennifer’s birthplace along with her four brothers and three sisters. There will be no privacy at the back of leyfields if they build on the back field. The council can’t be that desperate for such a small plot.

  10. I have come to understand that the council will do what they want, for whatever reason, regardless of opposition. Indignant comments might be posted on this site but they are of little or no consequence. Unless we can remove this cancer via the ballet box then it will go on damaging our city. In truth much damage has already been inflicted. I have tried to highlight both health and environmental issues over the years but this has not changed anything. The council is both shamed and shameless, but seemingly immovable An indictment on us all.

  11. Just stop voting for these clowns…

    It’ll carry on…they need growth to survive as a council but, covid for starters, will change how and when people shop & go out …it’s a great unknown right now.
    And why build more and more housing…shops are closing, the city centre can’t expand and the roads are poor…just stop and think…
    Sustainability and retention of heritage will keep Lichfield popular with visitors for next decades…not overcrowded elderly homes.
    I include Burntwood too – why not make everywhere good for existing populations rather than seek to expand for short-term developer benefits…I think the virus has put paid to that…councillors won’t agree…

    So I repeat, stop voting for the clowns that encourage this…more independent councillors are surely needed…

  12. I can not understand why the council are so keen to take away the green spaces inside the city. We are already building hundreds of new houses around the outside. At the same time we have few facilities, will have less shops and little local employment. We need to be careful to avoid becoming nothing more than a dormitory town with no character.

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