Some of those who took part in the Low Carbon Lichfield campaign

Supporters of an environmental group in Lichfield have joined a global day of action to highlight the need for a greener future.

Fridays4Future Day is taking place across the world, calling for politicians to make changes to policies to protect the future of the planet.

Members of Low Carbon Lichfield took their action on to social media due to the coronavirus restriction.

In a video posted online, they urged local MP Michael Fabricant to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.

A spokesperson said:

“We hope that our campaign will lead to more engagement locally, with people of all ages so that we can work with the councillors to make changes.

“We put together a photo montage to spell out a message to Michael Fabricant to ask him to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill – and we want to get our own councillors on board too with the same issues.”

Low Carbon Lichfield spokesperson


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One reply on “Lichfield campaigners join global day of action on climate change”

  1. I love the fact our “socially liberal” MP took most of the day to respond to a Twitter invitation to support this…and then advised the group they should have formally written to his constituency office instead!

    Looking at his Twitter stream is eye-opening as regards what he will endorse and support. Not much of it seems directly relevant to his constituents. Perhaps if he doesn’t support this then a simple “no thanks” would suffice rather than this smokescreen of needing to go through appropriate channels for constituency business.

    It might be better if he makes it clear in his Twitter bio that he is posting on a personal basis, not as MP for this constituency? That would make it far less confusing for us as regards when he is happy to engage or isn’t.

    (I will obviously submit these points in writing to his constituency office in due course).

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