The unit that could become an Indian takeaway
The unit that could become an Indian takeaway

A former retail unit in Lichfield could be converted into an Indian takeaway.

Plans have been submitted for the shop at Swallow Croft.

Formerly a fishing tackle store, permission is now being sought to convert it for a new use.

A statement supporting the planning application said:

“As the trend for takeaway food continues to rise, the development would take the opportunity to fill an empty retail unit with a useful addition to the local community.

“A new Indian takeaway at Swallow Croft should be seen as a worthy addition to the surrounding area, complementing the existing outlets and encouraging further footfall onto the site.

“In this circumstance, the change of use guarantees occupancy which will prevent the possibility of dilapidation should the building remain empty in the current retail climate.”

Planning statement

Full details of the proposals can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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10 replies on “Shop unit in Lichfield could be converted to become new Indian takeaway”

  1. Hmmmm, this is Exactly what Lichfield needs. Another Indian take away. It’s hot like we dont have loads already.

    Who needs diversity such a Spanish take away, or jamaican take away or french take away rite?

  2. Another of the ‘why can’t we have this shop instead?’ brigade. For there to be a Spanish, Jamaican, French or any other takeaway there has to be demand and someone willing to put their money in. Planners can’t make any business come to Lichfield or Burntwood and open up.

    If you think there’s such a desperate need for a French takeaway, why not open one up yourself?

  3. I think every person knows that there will be more litter as people will chuck wrappers and half-eaten food on the ground! Then when the rats and pigeons come for a feast – they are blamed – not the filthy lazy culprits!!

  4. It’s not an empty unit: since January it has been an independent tea shop and cake shop which appears to be doing very well as a small business, and was even thriving during lockdown selling takeaway afternoon teas alongside their normal cakes.

    The photograph accompanying this “article” also misrepresents the current situation, and detracts from the the improvements made by the owner of ‘Cakes of Wonderland’ and potentially biases people to support the application to the detriment of the current small business.

  5. A previous application attempted to turn it into an Indian restaurant which was refused. Perhaps it’s the same applicant with another tactic.

  6. This application is a disaster for any household living within half a mile of the proposed site. Ever more litter, smells, noise from customers and delivery vehicles. We overlook the parade and there is no control over fumes from the current Chinese and Fish and Chip shops that drifts over the area. Currently there are more then 30 takeaways shops and restaurants in Lichfield With ample parking and little adjacent housing
    I have complained to Stafford County Councils about the perilous parking conditions already occupying this area in particular pavement access and poor driving
    Can anybody of sound mind who lives in the area want to replace a traditional cake shop with a smelly yes smelly business that affects their quality of life

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