Protesters say they won’t stay silent while trees are chopped down in Lichfield to make way for HS2.

The local arm of Extinction Rebellion plan to hold a protest tomorrow (1st October) to highlight the issue.

Work has begun in the area to clear the way for the controversial high speed railway line.

Trees being cut down to make way for HS2 in Lichfield. Picture: Extinction Rebellion
Trees being cut down to make way for HS2 in Lichfield. Picture: Extinction Rebellion

They said it was “heartbreaking” to see work beginning in the area.

“HS2 workers started chopping down trees and we won’t stay silent while they destroy our beautiful countryside.

“It’s heartbreaking to see this lovely place being destroyed.”

Extinction Rebellion spokesperson

The protest will take place at Wood End Lane from 10am.

Protestors in Lichfield. Picture: Extinction Rebellion
Protestors in Lichfield. Picture: Extinction Rebellion

A spokesperson for the Stop HS2 group in Staffordshire said HS2 would have a double impact on the environment.

“There are two existential crises that the world is facing – the climate crisis and the ecological crisis.

“This project makes both of these worse.

“We have less than 10 years to solve the climate crisis, and probably the same to solve the ecological crisis.

“Society has to learn how to live within the constrains of the natural world and that means less travel and less destruction of nature for our convenience.

“This huge construction project that will not be carbon neutral for over 100 years and is causing the destruction of more than 100 ancient woodlands must be stopped.”

Stop HS2 spokesperson


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  1. Cost benefit never did, and post Covid even more so, doesnt stack up with new wfh ability and firms desperate to reduce office costs with 25% full.
    Been past the wood with destruction in full flow. Awful sight. Hope all the timber is being used for good means.

  2. It saddens me to see lovely woodland Nature reserves all being destroyed for the sake of HS2 These Mature trees some 400 yrs old can never be replaced. All for 30 minutes lesson your journey.

  3. I am totally disgusted by the wanton destruction being caused by HS2. Middleton, Drayton, Hints, Whittington and other beautiful places all blighted by this huge gamble and that is just near us. Trains already travel from Lichfield to London in 69 minutes – fast enough for anyone. Another way of distributing public money to Tory cronies. Why are successive political leaders so inept? If such a rail link is that crucial, why was it not integrated with the M6 toll? Saving billions and reducing the environmental impact. At this time crucial time for our ecology, the countryside is again carved up by the city slickers. Unforgiveable. I can’t bear to walk near those once lovely places anymore.

  4. too sad to see another episode of human intervention to kill nature but not HS2 alone. fishary plastic waist air travel and pollution car fumes.

  5. Its just grim cutting down beautiful trees. We will never be carbon neutral. I just hope our children and grandchildren look after the planet better than us

  6. This incredible waste of money is beyond belief, its just a money maker for the a certain few, who cream off the cash from the money pool.
    The site at Curborough is horrific, trees almost three quarters of a mile from where the rails will be laid are being laid waste, God alone knows why, for I doubt the halfwits building it have any idea as there is a road between the road and track laying site.
    It seems the company are decimating the countryside purely for the sake of it. The trees they are planting will not mature for many, many years, and as the almost everyone knows we need to care for trees, not cull them for little or no reason its a terrible and senseless obscenity.
    I have not seen such desolation since the Toll road was built, when Huge amounts of trees felled little or nothing was built on much the land. Large companies don’t appear to have learnt anything, or care for the environment, just reel out a few lame excuses and half truths, then sit back and reap huge profits at the planets expense.

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