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People living in Hammerwich can have their say on a document that will help shape the future of the area.

The consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan will start on 6th October.

The document, once approved, will help inform issues including future planning decisions.

The Hammerwich Neighbourhood Plan is available to view online. Comments can be sent to hammerwich-consultation@outlook.com.


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3 replies on “Consultation to open on Hammerwich Neighbourhood Plan”

  1. Hammerwich has always looked like an anomaly on the map. Like a small hamlet that should be part of Burntwood.
    Having a look at their plan, I also see that a large chunk of Burntwood is in Hammerwich, so I assume rather than suggest giving the area to Burntwood, they are keeping it as a golden goose.

    I appreciate they do recognise themselves as a retirement hamlet with very few young residents. Similar to how they recognise there are no significant retail/industrial operations in the Hamlet due to poor road connections. There are more amenities in the Burntwood section than in Hammerwich itself. The top things the people would like are a Post Office and a Doctor’s Surgery. They complain about limited parking but offer no real solutions. They want a bus line, but I doubt the private bus companies will service an area populated with mostly elderly people who ride for free, and thus there is no profit, and thus no incentive to put a bus line there. They could write to the county council, but I doubt anything will happen. They talk of the importance of parks, but yet again the 3 biggest are in the Burntwood section.

    I don’t live in the small hamlet and hence I doubt they want my views. But I can still comment on this article. I think Hammerwich should call it as it is, a peaceful retirement hamlet that needs to give the Burntwood section (Triangle Ward) back to Burntwood, and focus on just being a nice little hamlet in the midst of fields and farms.

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