Trees being cut down to make way for HS2 in Lichfield. Picture: Extinction Rebellion
Trees being cut down to make way for HS2 in Lichfield. Picture: Extinction Rebellion

Campaigners have staged another protest against the environmental impact of HS2 in Lichfield.

Made up of local residents and activists from a number of groups, they returned for a second protest in the area on Friday (9th October).

A spokesperson for the campaigners – who have come together under the Stop HS2 Staffordshire banner – said:

“This is our England, our green and pleasant land. And now HS2 have come into our county to rip it up and tear it down with their diggers and chainsaws.

“The ordinary taxpayer is paying for a project that will allow a few rich people to get to London 20 minutes faster on trains they will not be able to afford to use.

“Our MP voted against this project as did our local councils. Democracy has failed us.

“The only option now is to protest and resist.”

Stop HS2 Staffordshire spokesperson


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  1. When I was young we wanted to change the world and often protested against many things. Did we make a difference? Hard to say, but we felt it our duty to try. People protest all but disappeared for a long time after that, so heartening to see it return, even if I don’t always agree with the methods. Keep going guys, it is important to make our voices heard. The alternative is to carry on in apathy and let the powers that be do whatever they want, whether we want it or not.

  2. It seems apparent that profiteering is all-important and the wishes of the majority of people mean nothing to this Government, I for one will not vote for them again, The amount of woods and homes that are being destroyed the wildlife that is seriously disrupted just so a few can get from A to B a few minute’s earlier is absolute lunacy, The amount of ever increasing taxpayers money that is being squandered on this project sickens me, It’s about time we stopped engaging in stupidity and put the money to better use, perhaps Hospitals, I see childrens charity hospitals begging for money, would not this be more sane and worthwhile.

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