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Lichfield’s MP has welcomed the new measures introduced to combat coronavirus – but said “compliance is going to be a major issue”.

Michael Fabricant

Michael Fabricant made his comments in the House of Commons after the Prime Minister outlined the new tier system of local measures being introduced across the UK this week.

The Conservative MP said people needed to feel there would be an end to the current situation.

“I thank the Prine Minister for his very clear statement.

“Compliance is going to be a major issue, even if you do understand the rules. Part of the problem is that people think this is just going to go on and on and on for the next decade.

“While I understand the Prime Minister’s reticence to talk too much about a vaccine, what help can he give to people in Lichfield and the rest of the country, by saying with new drugs, with vaccines, once we’ve got over this winter that will be it?”

Michael Fabricant MP

Boris Johnson replied that he was hopeful for the future – but insisted the current measures were needed.

“I have very little doubt that once we’ve got through to the spring we will be in a completely different environment.

“Indeed, I have high hopes that things will change very fast as a result of new technologies that are coming on stream.

“But for the time being we have to concentrate on the tools we have – and those are the packages of restrictions we have set out and the basic guidance about restricting the contact from person to person and restricting the spread of the virus.

“That is what we’ve got to do for the time being.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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  1. “Compliance is going to be z major issue, even if you do understand the rules.”

    Nothing else needs to be said. This sums up the Government approach for the last 6 months. No leadership, just bluster and confusion and abdicating responsibility. Utterly shameful.
    But you get what you voted for ladies and gents.

  2. Michael, you are simply parroting what this Tory government is saying. I would be very concerned if it/you said anything other than we want to overcome the virus. You are not adding to the discussion. Please keep quiet until you have something new to say that is in the interests of your constituents.

  3. Dominic Cummings understood the rules because he shaped them.

    Margaret Ferrier understood the rules but she chose to break them.

    Westminster bars were initially not subjected to the same 10pm closure rules as other licensed premises and there are rumours about MPs drinking after hours.

    The new three tier system is quite frankly unintelligible and Legal Practitioners must be rubbing their hands at the thought of the money to be made representing clients who have inadvertently broken the rules to visit relatives and find themselves being investigated by the Police.

    We are currently 8 months into this crisis; why should next year be any different? What happened to the September vaccine? What happens when we are 12 months into this, 2 years into this, 10 years into this? What if an effective vaccine is never available; it will be a pretty miserable existence.

    I am trying my best to comply and prevent the spread of the virus but I genuinely don’t understand the new rules; I live in Lichfield (tier 1) and I have family in Walsall (tier 2): Can I visit them?

  4. Well said Margaret.

    I will add that the utter tosh from the PM that he is “following the science” has now been proved to be completely false. By consistently ignoring “SAGE” it has created a terrible situation for the whole country. Instead of following clear advice and imposing clear guidelines, we are left with an absolute mess that no-one understands.
    This Government has failed. I am happy to admit that it faced “unprecedented” challenges and the PM, his Cabinet and our MP all had my full and whole-hearted support back in March. But that support has been eroded by the failure to be clear, decisive and above all by the failure to show any type of leadership.
    In USA we have a misguided and foolish leader now claiming he is Superman and immune. In this country we have a misguided and foolish leader who is now even incapable of creating a puffed up media image for himself. All his talk of world leading responses to this pandemic have been proved to be a lie.
    As a long-time Conservative supporter, both nationally and locally, I cannot believe how far our once proud nation has slipped to become something of a joke.
    For our MP to effectively go missing other than to repeat official announcements says all you need to know about Mr Fabricant’s qualities. I have lost faith in him, our PM and Government.
    I remember the Winter of Discontent vividly. I fear we are heading for a Winter of Destruction that we will struggle to recover from.
    We have a Government built on lies and the peddlars of those lies must be held to account.

  5. Barry Scott – I agree with everything you’ve said above except I didn’t support them in March as I thought they delayed lockdown too late.

    The govt has ignored SAGE and there will be no circuit breaker. That means the virus will continue to spread.
    What is needed is a credible track & trace system and a 2-week breaker, alongside support measures to help businesses affected.
    The govt is flailing & failing, it hasn’t a clue. It’s enabling daft conspiracy theorists to have a voice, it’s eroding trust every day. Meanwhile we, who are doing what we can to stay safe & help keep others safe, are told to do more.
    Yet, we’re allowed to mix households and shop, drink, eat out, fetch kids from school, etc etc. The virus will inevitably spread.
    Please do something useful Mr Fabricant rather than spout govt drivel.

  6. The NHS track and trace app is flawed,it registers your time into a cafe or wherever but not your out time. You could end up being told to isolate because someone testing positive went in 3 hours after you left. It is a nonsense

  7. Mike & Alex DeLarge – I’ve heard this from friends as well & that’s also why I think a short-sharp circuit breaker would work…get a credible tracing system in place before we all go out Christmas shopping or whatever…before trust completely breaks down…
    I guess I’m being optimistic not realistic with govt as it is…

  8. The measures being introduced are to help protect the NHS and ensure capacity for emergencies.

    Lichfield has been allowed to become little more than a housing estate, these days. The hospitals we need to worry about are in Burton and Birmingham. Both, are in areas that seem to have a worrying increase in numbers.

    I used to blindly put my cross next to Mr Fabricants name, every election.

    I have not been able to do this for years. He has failed the local area. LDC appear happy to throw money at consultants. The government throws contracts worth billions to their friends. It stinks.

  9. Steve you are so right,a PPE contract has been awarded to a company that was set up 7 weeks previous and by a friend of a minister. It more than stinks

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