A councillor who said Lichfield Live should be stopped says she has “learnt a lot” from the feedback she received about her comments.

Cllr Sonia Wilcox

Cllr Sonia Wilcox offered a formal apology at a meeting of the full council this evening (13th October).

It comes after she had made comments at a similar meeting in July where she said the volunteer-run, not-for-profit news site “needs to be stopped”.

But the Conservative councillor stepped back from her previous comments at this evening’s session.

“I would just like to say I’m sorry that the comments that I made at full council in July in relation to Lichfield Live caused offence and I wish to withdraw them.

“I have learnt a lot from the feedback that I have received and I hope that this brings an end to the matter.”

Cllr Sonia Wilcox, Lichfield District council

Ross Hawkes, founder of Lichfield Live, said he welcomed Cllr Wilcox’s decision to make a statement at the council meeting..

“We are pleased that the apology is a full one and was made in the same setting as the original completely unnecessary and unwarranted comments were made.

“I hope Cllr Wilcox has recognised the value local journalism brings to the scrutiny of council business, without which many decisions such as Friarsgate, the future of Friary Grange Leisure Centre and many more would go unreported until it was too late for residents to have their say.”

Ross Hawkes, Lichfield Live

6 replies on “Councillor says she has “learnt a lot” from feedback after claiming Lichfield Live should be stopped”

  1. Without Lichfield Live we wouldn’t know what was going on in our area or what our council were doing until as the article states…”it was too late for residents to have their say”. Keep up the good work Ross.

  2. Very good to see Cllr Wilcox finally back down over this.
    It is a shame it has taken so long for her to accept she was in the wrong.
    Every organisation has its “loose cannons”, but you would expect an elected person to display a lot more common sense and restraint than this.
    I was wondering what training councillors get to help them be a bit more sensible? Is Cllr Wilcox getting that help?
    The majority of councillors seem to know a lot more. It is a shame Cllr Wilcox’s sole contribution so far appears to be embarrassing the council.

  3. I encounter elected representatives from across Europe in my work and there is a common theme – they are all wise after the event.
    The Councillor says she has learned a lot, it is a pity she did not understand the foolish mistake she was making at the time. Is this a personal failing, or is the council itself culpable for failing to raise awareness about accountability and responsibility with their elected members?

  4. @Jennifer Palfrey – you have to ask, if councillors need awareness of responsibility and accountability like this, should they even be councillors? I strongly suspect not.

    We really do need to drain the swamp at LDC.

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